Para-Rizol Liquid 50mL

Para-Rizol liquid 50mL


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Formula for Para-Rizol per 50g: 35g Rizol raw material, 5g clove oil, 5g absinthium (wormwood) oil, 5g walnut oil. Rizol raw material consists 80% of long chain ozonides from olive oil and castor oil, 20% dissolved in excess olive oil and castor oil. This formula (in 20% emulsion) does not contain ozone, but ozonides that are contained in the Rizol raw material as an active substance; it does not contain ozone or alcohols such as ethanol or isopropanol.

This preparation is produced for you at our request by a licensed pharmacy in Germany. Para-Rizol Liquid may be used in conjunction with Para-Rizol Suppositories to effect absorption via both the digestive tract and entero-hepatic circulation. The dosage of Para-Rizol should be increased according to individual response. Do not use during pregnancy, take care if used simultaneously with psychopharmaceuticals. Para-Rizol can be applied externally both as pure oil or mixed with water but it should never be applied around the eyes. Because this is a made-to-order, hand-prepared product by a registered pharmacist, no returns are accepted and no refunds can be given, thank you for your understanding.

The dosage of Para-Rizol always should be increased gradually and according to individual response. Average (internal use) dosage of Para-Rizol: on day one and day two 1 drop a day in cold water about 1 hour before meals, on day three and day four: 1 drop 2x a day in cold water about 1 hour before meals, on day five and day six: 1 drop 3x a day in cold water about 1 hour before meals; on day seven: 2 drops 3x a day in cold water about 1 hour before meals, increasing from day to day to 10 drops 3x a day. Herxheimer reactions can happen when toxins from destroyed bacteria, fungal and parasitic cells outpace your normal pathways of detoxification (usually shows as skin eruption, severe itching). The dosage should be maintained at 1 drop 3x a day for three to four weeks in people with chronic or high toxic stress. If Herxheimer reactions (toxin mobilisation outpacing detoxification pathways) occur, stop Para-Rizol temporarily, allow symptoms to abate and then reintroduce it much more slowly. A complete intolerance to Para-Rizol is rare and would always be picked up within the first few days of using it.

Para-Rizol can be applied externally both as pure oil or mixed with water (i.e. emulsion) for fungi on the skin/nails for 3-6 months; moisten twice daily. WARNING: Para-Rizol should never be used around the eyes.
Dosage FOR HORSES: diluted in some warm water and sprayed over feed, start with 1ml twice daily for 1 week, then 2ml twice daily for 1 week then 3 ml twice daily in a weekly base holding 3 ml for 2 weeks, then stop. This natural remedy is allowed under FEI Rules [source: Xaver Sterrer].

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    I am going to highly recommend this site!

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  2. Thanks for recommending this, it worked for me, I used it for gut cleaning in candida fungal overgrowth. ‘If it tastes bad it must be good for you’ rings a bit true but the results are great so no worries!

    Comment by John Pattinson — June 25, 2008 @ 09:40

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