Not all aloe vera is the same

aloe vera product quality varies tremendously, caveat emptorYou want to buy a good aloe vera food supplement. What shall be your guiding light? Package size, price, label text, liquid or powder, advice of the person who sells it. It is all very confusing.

In my view people interested in buying aloe vera products would be helped enormously by independent quantification & qualification, like there is for hotels for instance. Everybody knows that a 5-star hotel is much better than a 2-star hotel. Universal industry standards safeguard this and these are implemented by unbiased bodies (e.g. European Hotelstars Union).

There are industry standard laboratory tests for aloe vera also but these are no criteria for labeling and marketing… and the recently implemented EU legislation will not help the customer in the slightest to make an informed choice. To our knowledge we are the only company that is proactively glasnost about such industry standard, independent laboratory tests. Measurements are boring but they make a welcome break from marketing blurb and they enable you to make a better informed choice.

Comparison on Aloeride® Extra Strong Aloe Vera Gel advantage Aloeride® per litre advantage Aloeride® per pack
purity expressed in MeOHPS/Total Solids 31.88% 3.65% 8.73x purer same
fluid equivalent 2.4 Litres * 1 Litre 2.4x more
polysaccharides in Methanol precipitated (working) solids 4,680 mg/L 1,800 mg/L 2.6x more 2.6x 2.4 = 6.24x more
immune modulatory molecules 2.0 x 106 Da 0.36% 0.05% 7.2x more 7.2x 2.6x 2.4 = 44.93x more
inflammation modulatory molecules 6.60 x 104 Da 28.87% 7.02% 4.11x more 4.11x 2.6x 2.4x = 25.65x more
taste taste-free in vegicapsules unpleasant, liquid more consumer friendly much easier in use
laxative molecules < 0.1 ppm 48.2 ppm laxative action ideal for sensitive digestion same
cost £24.20 ex VAT £16.85 ex VAT works out (£16.85 – (24.20/2.4L = £10.08 =) £6.77 less expensive more economical on fluid equivalent, this is before our multipack discounts
postage 30 gram 1 kilogram less expensive postage


* We think you are worth giving objective information to, we do not befuddle you with marketing flag waving. For those who want to know their nitty gritty, here is one Industry Standard calculation for aloe vera: aloe raw material ratio is 0.5gr (500mg) of total solids per 100mL of original juice which contains 99.5mL (= mg as 1L = 1000gr, 1mL = 1gr = 1000mg) of water. Thus, by the same reckoning 1 Aloeride® vegicapsule contains 426mg aloe vera working solids = [426mg / 500mg solids] x 100mL = 85.2mL of original juice x 28 vegicapsules per pack = 2,385.6 mL = 2.4 litres original juice in 1 pack of Aloeride® Extra Strong.


When does the penny drop?

Many people try aloe vera to improve their health and wellbeing. When that doesn’t happen or it gets worse, aloe vera as a food substance is blamed. A shame because often it’s the product and not aloe vera that is the issue. Without fail ‘cheap product = cheap raw materials and/or cheap processing’ and what may look like ‘value for money’ actually is no value for your money at all. One problem is that aloe vera on label has no quality control bearing on aloe vera in product. Despite claims to such effect, no seal of approval nails Quality Control either, definitely not properly like independent industry standard measurements do. The stark discrepancy between below ‘High Strength’ on label and its miserly 120mg/L polysaccharide measurement may make the penny drop.

Comparison on Aloeride® Extra Strong High Strength Aloe Vera Tablet Maximum Strength Aloe Vera Juice advantage Aloeride®
purity expressed in MeOHPS/Total Solids 31.88% 20.00% 17.84% much purer
fluid equivalent 2.4 Litres * unknown 1 Litre at least 2.4x more on fluid equivalent
polysaccharides in Methanol precipitated (working) solids 4,680 mg/L 0,120 mg/L 1,520 mg/L 39x more working molecules (tbl)



Presented in a different way, below are results of aloe-vera-industry-standard tests applied by independent laboratories to Aloeride® and 4 other aloe products. Click on the images to open a large version of it in a new window. In times of austerity it makes sense to use the super aloe that gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

aloe vera product information you don't get from its labelaloe vera product information you don't get from its labelaloe vera product information you don't get from its labelaloe vera product information you don't get from its label


We believe that the above is a matter of public interest and constitutes fair comment without malice. We believe that empowering people to make an informed choice is good. All measurements within our website are factual and are quoted verbatim from the reports we receive from accredited, independent laboratories and we retain such supporting evidence to justify that the statistics are representative of the characteristics of the products relevant for a proper comparison.