Aloeride aloe vera affiliate programmeThank you for your commercial interest in the Aloeride Aloe Vera Affiliate Programme. It’s a great way to earn money from home. Ours is a one-tier, pay-per-sale programme for aloe vera for horses and aloe vera for people. Your choice to retail the one, the other or both. There is no pyramid upline/downline structure as there is in multi-level marketing programmes. You don’t have to buy a starter box or make any upfront payment. The Affiliate Programme Aloeride aloe vera is fully transparent. Here’s how it works, the commission you get… and sign up here. If you don’t have a website but you want to earn from recommending Aloeride then become an Offline Referrer.

We look at things through the consumer’s eyes, and think how to make life easier for them throughout their customer journey. We aim to gain their loyalty through product satisfaction and excellent service that includes an unparalleled level of online information.

Han van de Braak, Company Owner & Director behind the Aloeride brand

How the Aloeride Aloe Vera Affiliate Programme works

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You own an active website/blog in which you place anchor texts with the tracking links as we provide them. Such links generate 30-day-valid cookies via which a valid sale of Aloeride can be logged to you. The best sales conversion happens from natural, SEO friendly anchor texts in your website or blog. In addition, but not instead of this, you can use our banners and logo… nothing converts better than an interesting story followed by a call to action. Share your own experience with Aloeride, prime your creative writing by reading some of the content in, whatever works for you but never only use banners . Content affiliates (bloggers, article writers, other content-driven websites) are the most successful in all spheres of affiliate marketing because such promotional methods and techniques add value  to the pre-sale process, complementing our own marketing activity (advisory pages, multi-carton/pack discount, freepost). As you know, Google penalises duplicate content, so it always is best to write your own text.
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Our focus and objective is that all parties benefit. We give customers progressive discounts plus worldwide freepost on six pack/carton orders, we pay affiliates healthy commissions promptly, we see our business grow in financial and database terms.
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Browsers enter their order details in our shopping cart, we provide the secure payment gateway, we drop ship from Market Harborough (or from Missouri if the customer lives in the United States or Canada), we do the follow-up if this is needed e.g. if a credit card fails or if a delivery address needs to be changed. Our telephonists routinely ask Callers whom they were referred by so as to match your sale to your listed name on their drop down menu, this is a purely complimentary  service to you.
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Commission payments are made promptly in the first days of any month over valid sales during the previous month. Our bookkeeper-accountant is in charge of this and payments are made exclusively via PayPal.  Thank you for making sure that we have your right email for commission payments via PayPal. Redirecting issued commission to another email incurs an administrative fee that will be deducted from any commission owed. If a sale is invalidated then your commission is subject to clawback.
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Via the hosted Referrer Resources you are given continuous access to your Ledger, so you can monitor your sales, income and dues. Here you will also find your individual tracking text links and banner links (in Google’s reportedly most popular sizes). You need to make sure that your anchor text (and any additional banner) links are operational and as we provided them. Should a hyperlink format be changed then we will let you know by email. For the Terms and Conditions of this Affiliate Programme please click here. Because Affiliates provide our website with backlinks from their website/blog, we refer to them as Backlink Referrers.
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Experience necessitates us to be clear on this, our affiliate programme is not a way for customers to make savings over and beyond the discounts and freepost already offered. We pay commission for market expansion. Referrers (Affiliates) may self-serve of course providing that, in the same month, they sell like for like  to third parties (new customers) twice the number of goods they bought for themselves (i.e. 2 equine cartons self served = 4 cartons sold to third party, not 4 people packs sold to third party). It is part of our Terms & Conditions. You are not allowed to advertise Aloeride via Google Adwords, AdSense, Display Network, or Bing Ads which of course you understand because we don’t want Google/Bing to get even more expensive as a result of our Referrers fielding adverts there.
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Upon receipt of the completed form below, you will be asked to double-opt-in (which you must do as otherwise we’re not allowed to include you in email notifications to Affiliates), next you’re emailed the access to your Ledger so you can go to work. We look forward to visiting your website/blog to admire your creative article(s) and, via industry standard software, verify your backlink(s) to Our hope and expectation is to see a growing number of sales to an ever more diverse flock of people being attributed to your name.
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All accounts are subject to Quarterly reviews to check that all works well for both parties. Commission payments by our bookkeeper-accountant identify ‘super affliates’. A sales performance related, dynamic commission upgrade is awarded to those who deliver monthly sales in excess of £552.00 Retail. If you have suggestions that could improve the way our referrer/affiliate programme operates, then we are happy to give this our full attention.


Aloeride Equine Backlink Referrer/Affiliate (AEQ-PS35)

SKU ListPrice Customer Discount Retail Price Your Commission
1 carton £55.20 0% £55.20 £8.67
2 cartons £110.40 7% £102.67 £20.84
3 cartons £165.60 10% £149.04 £32.62
4 cartons £220.80 13% £192.10 £43.24
6 cartons £331.20 20% + Worldwide Freepost £264.96 £53.24
12 cartons £662.40 25% £496.80 £111.20

Aloeride Extra Strong Backlink Referrer/Affiliate (AES-PS40)

SKU ListPrice Customer Discount Retail Price Your Commission
1 pack £20.83 0% £20.83 £3.87
2 packs £41.66 10% £37.49 £9.47
3 packs £62.49 12.5% £54.68 £15.27
4 packs £83.32 15% £70.82 £20.66
5 packs £104.15 17.5% £85.92 £25.64
6 packs £124.98 20% + Worldwide Freepost £99.98 £26.19


Signing Up is the first step

If you complete and send the form below (and you accept the Double Opt In request so we can communicate with you and stay at the legal side of CAN-SPAM legislation), then we’ll give you access to your account by return and your account will be activated automatically. The first review is after 14 days to see that the links in your website or blog are present and functional. If somehow this isn’t the case, then we’ll contact you to find out if you need a bit of extra help.

Aloeride is an excellent product. Very good company to deal with.

Kerry (Welland Valley Feeds)

Very easy set up, completely transparent with prompt monthly payments.

Vairis Kremanis (Affiliate Backlink Referrer)

Aloeride Extra Strong is a very good product. We have been selling it through our clinics and shops since 2008.

Jan de Vries Healthcare

Excellent people to deal with, very effective product and transparent commission system with prompt monthly payments.

Howard Carr (Healthcare Provider)

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