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Charlie’s hair is growing back!

Mud fever Charlie's hair is growing back
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“I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you a bit my beautiful Charlie! Charlie is my cheeky 5 year old gelding, who I had great plans for (Seems Charlie didn’t). In the short time I have had him (18 months), he has managed to get stuck in some fencing requiring expert removal (By our local farmer and friends) and a nice vet’s bill and time off. Then he developed mud fever which just wouldn’t go – despite trying everything! I decided to put him on Aloeride because we tried everything and its worked brilliantly! Charlie’s hair is growing back! The skin on his legs is healthy and there is even hair growth. We do protect his legs with barrier cream but this never stopped it before and also hair is growing back over his scars from the fence incident! He is turning into a really handsome boy (Well I would say that being his mum LOL) and his coat just gleams with good health! I’m hoping to get him out to a few shows under saddle this year – so fingers crossed he can keep himself out of trouble!!” Cathy Wright & Charlie Brown

Mud Fever a.k.a. Pastern Dermatitis is a group of horse diseases causing irritation and dermatitis in the lower limbs of horses. Often caused by a mixture of bacteria, typically Dermatophilus congolensis, and Staphylococcus spp, mud fever can also be caused by fungal organisms (dermatophytes). The reason why Aoeride aloe vera by mouth helps is comprehensively explained in you should take particular note of the Safer By Sebum (scroll down on that page) which is a phrase we coined because precisely that is how Charlie got over his long standing problem. Helpful Aloeride nutrition on the inside + helpful hygiene on the outside = robust skin heath and coat health.

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