Aloeride aloe vera Soil Association certified organicHorses with particularly difficult hooves to shoe are likely to be helped greatly by Aloeride aloe vera for Registered Farriers. This is palatable powder that the owner sprinkles over daily feed. Simple and with quick results. Naturally and from the inside out. No other supplement for hooves helps in the two ways that Aloeride does: feeds hoof health and hoof strength, AND it very strongly supports healthy digestion. The relationship between hind gut fermentation, endotoxemia, health and hoof strength is well known, so that broader help from Aloeride makes it very useful to farriers. If you are unfamiliar with how Aloeride helps hoof growth, hoof strength and hoof health then click here.

Unrivalled Quality

Aloeride aloe vera for Registered FarriersThank you for your commercial and clinical interest in our Soil Association Certified Organic aloe vera for farriers offer. Aloeride is a proudly British product made in Wiltshire by a MHRA, VMD and FDA accredited pharmaceutical clinical trial company under the auspices of Han van de Braak BSc LicAc MCSP MBAcC (Retd). The processing we use is co-designed by Consultant Gastroenterologist and worldwide acknowledged aloe vera expert Dr. Ivan E. Danhof MD PhD. Aloeride is palatable, uniquely nutrient dense, pure whole leaf Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller with a tiny quantity of inert flow agent. We use accredited laboratories in the US, Germany and England for our Quality Control. We use LGC in Newmarket to have every batch tested for Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances -no adverse analytical findings to date- and we use FEI Accredited Laboratories. This is why you can feel assured that with Aloeride aloe vera for farriers, you prescribe the very best in aloe vera to horses under your professional care.

For an objective view on proven premium quality, unadulterated product samples of Aloeride, Aloequine, Barrier Animal Healthcare Pure Aloe Vera Juice, Forever Living Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel and Hilton Herbs Aloe Vera were presented for independent measurement by an accredited laboratory equipped for industry standard evaluation of aloe vera. Below are the results:

Aloeride Product 2a Product 3b Product 4f Product 5h
12 Litres optimised to 30 palatable powder sachets per carton 12 Litres = 3.17 x (3.785 Litres @ £35.00) 12 Litres = 2.4 x (5 Litres @ £37.76) 12 Litres = 12 x (1 Litre @ £20.80) 12 Litres = 2.4 x (5 Litres @ £63.00)
£55.20 you earn £19.03 per carton at RRP £110.95 £90.63 £249.60 £151.20
4680 mg/L 880 mg/L 200 mg/L 1450 mg/L 1960 mg/L
Nutrient Density Difference: 5.31 x less nutrients 23.4 x less nutrients 3.23 x less nutrients 2.39 x less nutrients

Aloeride provides more than unique digestive support to help gastric issues associated with racehorses. Between digestive succour and the unique nutrients (over and beyond feed) that Aloeride provides, your racehorses are more likely to achieve and maintain optimal condition. Increased and expertly trained lean muscle mass needs strong healthy hooves to translate power & stamina into traction, pace and winnings. Farriers familiar with Aloeride know that it works brilliantly. Beyond your expert training and what’s in a horse’s head, limiting performance factors are lactic acid metabolism and innate control of soft tissue micro-inflammation. Optimum nutrition can be a fantastic help with this, providing you feed your horses the right nutrients. After the race there is recovery time which length depends on how well nutrients promote tissue repair and cooling tissue down. Between its unique spectrum of nutrients, its proven superiority compared to other aloe products, its generous dosage, its sensible contribution to equine health, many Trainers quietly added Aloeride to their game…

Unrivalled Commission

Aloeride aloe vera for Registered FarriersRegistered Farriers (e.g. FRC, AFA, EDHV) can place their Retail order online. Registered Farriers order in single or multiples of 4-cartons (2 years best before date from manufacture) simply because 4 months relates well to the rate of hoof growth (average full hoof growth taking 6-9 month depending on season and horse). We offer you a healthy commission that you can keep yourself or share with your customer. That is entirely at your discretion. Simply introduce yourself to us by email. By return we will let you know what commission Registered Farriers receive and we will give you your unique Discount Code so you can start selling. Only registered farriers are eligible for our Aloeride aloe vera for farriers offer.