Nikki Goldup feeds Aloeride

I was lucky enough to win the Aloeride winter competition this year and couldn’t believe my luck when Han, the MD of Aloeride, called to let me know I had won. It was really exciting to receive a huge box of goodies on Christmas Eve, containing a supply of Aloeride, a smart new training jacket, branded polo shirt and saddle cloth. Most definitely my top Christmas gift – something for me and my two lovely eventers!

I am based near Cambridge and have a hectic life as I work and also have 3 little boys. I keep my eventers and the children’s ponies at home or on our other family farm in Suffolk. I really appreciate having the horses at home as I enjoy the responsibility of their care and making sure they are kept in tip top condition. I am very careful about what I feed and how the horses are kept so that they are fit, healthy and happy. Both of my horses are mares but like chalk and cheese…

  • Nikki Willis feeds her horses Aloeride aloe vera

Wanda is a diminutive 15.2hh, 9 year old WB x Cob mare. I have owned her for 3 years now and we compete at BD and BE events. Last year we had great runs at BE 100 level so I hope to upgrade to Novice this year and Elementary level dressage at BD. Wanda is a very willing horse and always looks in great condition. Because of her breeding I need to work on her fitness over the forthcoming months to ensure she is able to cope with the demands of a higher level, and therefore faster, cross country speed. It’s important I make sure Wanda recovers well from sessions on the gallops, gymnastic jumping sessions and intensive flatwork sessions. I am really interested to see how she responds to being fed Aloeride and I can’t wait to enter our first events in early March.

Genie, my second ride is on loan from event rider Nicole Mills. I’ve been loaning Genie since October. She is a 15.3hh, 14 year old KWPN mare and has previously evented to 2 star level. Geenie has a very different build to Wanda and at this point I would like her to put on more muscle across her top-line and I have been working with my osteopath Stephanie Pittam in order to loosen areas of tightness on Genie’s shoulders and wither area. Again, Genie looks very well but I can’t wait to see how she blooms over the next few months. I aim to compete at a few dressage competitions soon and see where we go. Geenie has a wonderful personality and I am enjoying learning so much by riding her.

Despite it being hard training over the winter months I am really excited about the new season. I will be reporting back about our progress and how the team are getting on with their Aloeride products I feel very privileged to get the opportunity to try such a highly regarded supplement. If you are interested in finding out about us please visit our website at or Wanda’s Facebook page Wanda the Flying Cow Pony.

Header image by Benjamin Clark.