Suzanne Taylor feeds Aloeride


I ride with the Scottish Endurance Riding Club and in 2010 my horse Salsa Caramel and I were selected for the Scottish Endurance Squad and in 2012 we won the Mousquetaires Trophy for highest annual mileage in Scottish Endurance. We won the 2 day 120km ride at Darnaway near Forres in 2014, all four vettings with A pass for gut sounds, hydration etc. Very happy!

Deciding on which supplement to use is all about choice, I feed one sachet daily of Aloeride in Caramels dinner, which he knows nothing about as it has no flavour. His coat shines, his hair grows, his feet improved, the distance asked hasn’t been an issue travelling beautifully, he is fully hydrated, he’s quick to present to the vet and he looks a picture. Aloeride saves me money as this product ticks all the boxes, Aloeride is working inside probably more than we see on the outside, a fantastic product, delighted to find you Aloeride!

Suzanne Taylor

Caramel took home from the Scottish Endurance Riding Club:
Mousquetaires Trophy (highest mileage 1,130km)
Ashanti Trophy (most points 416)
Storm Trophy (horse over 16)
Golden Bose of Islay (PBA with most points)
Diamond Thistle Award (160km in one day)

  • Salsa Caramel (supplemented with Aloeride) AGM Awards Scottish Endurance Riding Club

I have owned Caramel for 10 years and rode our first pleasure ride in 2006. He is a thoroughbred with 16% Arab (PBA). Endurance is very much his “love”, he is very forward going. As most endurance riders will say, it all started as a pleasure ride, I never thought we would get so hooked and now as hungry as ever to try and achieve the next goal. Its been a gradual build up from distance & speeds, preparing for longer distances each year. Having had a two year break from 2008/2009, I entered back into SERC and have enjoyed every minute. The members from all the different branches are so friendly and supportive, it’s very addictive, so from a pleasure ride we have now just won the 2 Day 120km Endurance Race ride at Darnaway with a Best Condition. As Caramel isn’t getting any younger I wanted to find something that would help him with stamina, recovery, hydration and his feet (as you can imagine we see the farrier often) I was delighted to try Aloeride last year and saw immediate results. It really does all the things horse owners wish for. We have represented the Scottish Endurance team on two occasions and hope to do well this year as an individual combination. I will continue to use Aloeride and ride with confidence this year knowing Caramel is getting everything he needs to be asked to do his job successfully. Thank you Han!