Aloeride aloe vera Tamsin Drew

Tamsin Drew feeds Aloeride

Another Three Day Eventing rider joins TDE professionals Victoria Bax and Eliza Stoddart who both feed Aloeride… Tamsin won the 2015 Aloeride Christmas Draw. Our heartiest congratulations and we look forward to hearing how Ziggy responds to our aloe vera feed supplement.

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I am over the moon to have won the Aloeride Christmas competition, 6 months supply of Aloeride & some lovely items for me to wear out competing! I’ve always admired the condition of the horses ridden by local riders Victoria Bax & Katie Jerram who both feed Aloeride. Aloeride helps with the overall condition of horses, supports digestion, enhances coat shine and overall well being of the horse . I cant wait to try Ziggy on our Aloeride 6 month supply! Thank you so much!


I own one event horse and work full time in London to fund my eventing hobby. I made one of the most difficult decisions to part with my own horse Captain earlier this year after owning him for nearly five years, so he could have an easier life and teach someone else all he has taught me.

This summer the search for my next event horse started and I eventually found a lovely talented 6 years old, who has loads of scope and ability. Ziggy is my first ever youngster I’ve owned, so it’s all very exciting! We have completed a couple of horse trials this Autumn going clear cross country in all of them, though our flat work and show jumping needs lots of work! We had our first competition last weekend since September, where we went double clear and placed in the discovery which is a great start to our winter training programme! Ziggy can get very nervous excited when travelling to a competition so I’m really looking forward to starting him on Aloeride especially as it supports a more healthy gut and digestion as well as enhancing his overall condition.

Photo: courtesy of Lorraine Porter Photography