Aloeride aloe vera for Horses 6 CARTONS + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

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Aloeride aloe vera for Horses 6 CARTONS + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE is made from 72 litres original aloe vera juice: 180 servings (six months). It gives you a 20% discount and free-to-your-door-delivery. Each serving is 2,000mg (from 400ml original juice) of Soil Association Certified Organic wholeleaf aloe vera barbadensis miller (non-latex!) palatable powder. No refrigeration required.

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Aloeride aloe vera for Horses 6 CARTONS + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE gives you 180 servings of much better quality and much lower price.
Soil Association Certified Organic Aloeride aloe vera Aloeride aloe vera for horses probably is the most versatile horse feed supplement on the market. It supports digestion whilst at the same time it supports hoof health, condition blossoms and movement palpably eases, natural coat shine simply becomes amazing and with that the natural resilience of skin and coat protects against beasties and the weather, and often behaviour improves when a horse feels more comfortable. Horse & Hound magazine named Aloeride as one of their 2015 Best of British products. Equine feed supplements (Aloeride aloe vera for horses) are VAT exempt in the United Kingdom.

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Each carton gives your horse the goodness of 12 litres of Soil Association certified organic, wholeleaf Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller juice optimised to 30 palatable powder sachets (yes that is 400 millilitre equivalent per sachet).

Your horses are worth you knowing what’s behind a label, so, for an objective view on proven premium quality, unadulterated product samples of Aloeride, Aloequine, Barrier Animal Healthcare Pure Aloe Vera Juice, Forever Living Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel and Hilton Herbs Aloe Vera were presented for independent measurement by an accredited laboratory equipped for industry standard evaluation of aloe vera:

Aloeride Product 2a Product 3b Product 4f Product 5h
12 litres optimised to 30 palatable powder sachets per carton 12 litres = 3.17 x (3.785 litres @ £35.00) 12 litres = 2.4 x (5 litres @ £37.76) 12 litres = 12 x (1 litre @ £21.62) 12 litres = 2.4 x (5 litres @ £63.00)
£55.20 (£41.40 if you buy 12 cartons) £110.95 £90.63 £259.44 £151.20
Nutritional Density: 5.31 x fewer nutrients 23.4 x fewer nutrients 3.23 x fewer nutrients 2.39 x fewer nutrients
4,680 mg/L 880 mg/L 200 mg/L 1,450 mg/L 1,960 mg/L
£4.60 (£3.45 in you buy 12 cartons) per litre £9.25 per litre £7.55 per litre £21.62 per litre £12.60 per litre
We can supply you with a multi-laboratory proven better aloe vera at vastly deflated cost because we don’t have expensive offices, we don’t finance a multilevel marketing pyramid, we don’t have much staff, we don’t transport liquid aloe, and we don’t seek rapacious profit.

Top Equestrians Riders and Organisations

Aloeride is used by top equestrians like Loraine Homer, Katie Jerram and Jo Bates (Showing), Leah Bennett (Dressage), Victoria Bax and Eliza Stoddart (Eventing), Sally Toye and Heather Weston (Endurance). Stud Farms and Racing Yards also feed Aloeride, they buy in shippers. They all love what Aloeride does for their horses and our guess is, so will you. Aloeride 100% complies with Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr. Danhof MD PhD’s definition of the best aloe (he is universally recognised as the world’s foremost expert on aloe vera). Every batch of Aloeride aloe vera for Horses goes through a number of tests relevant to competitors including NOPS at LGC in Newmarket.

Aloeride provides more than unique digestive support to help gastric issues associated with racehorses. Between digestive succour and the unique nutrients (over and beyond feed) that Aloeride provides, your racehorses are more likely to achieve and maintain optimal condition. Increased and expertly trained lean muscle mass needs strong healthy hooves to translate power & stamina into traction, pace and winnings. Farriers familiar with Aloeride know that it works brilliantly. Beyond your expert training and what’s in a horse’s head, limiting performance factors are lactic acid metabolism and innate control of soft tissue micro-inflammation. Optimum nutrition can be a fantastic help with this, providing you feed your horses the right nutrients. After the race there is recovery time which length depends on how well nutrients promote tissue repair and cooling tissue down. Between its unique spectrum of nutrients, its proven superiority compared to other aloe products, its generous dosage, its sensible contribution to equine health, many Trainers quietly added Aloeride to their game…

Here is why many leading equestrians use Aloeride aloe vera for horses:

  • helps build and support exceptional condition, stamina and quicker return to former and better condition
  • supports gastrointestinal health and function
  • helps build and support healthy hooves, beautiful healthy coat, mane and tail (all are part of epithelium)
  • helps in a unique broad spectrum with hooves and feet
  • helps horses and ponies with seasonal coat trouble
  • aloe vera is not mentioned in FEI Prohibited Substances List effective 1 January 2015, or in Changes to FEI Prohibited Substances List, effective 1 January 2016
  • is allowed during training under BHA Rules of Racing
  • is very palatable and incredibly versatile
  • is easy to use, simply mix 1 sachet with feed
  • is Soil Association certified organic and totally pure
  • each sachet has precisely the right amount to benefit your horse
  • also ideal for veteran horses and ponies due to its assistance with digestive heath and gut function and its nutritional support to keep tissue from heating up
  • gives your horse the proven highest grade of the most nutrient-dense aloe vera species, no difference in Quality Control between our human and our horse Aloeride aloe vera
  • equates to 12 litres of its original, certified organic aloe vera barbadensis miller juice
  • can be stored in a freezer to prolong shelf life
  • contains a non-latex form of aloe vera that has had the aloin effectively removed

We believe that the above comparison is a matter of public interest and constitutes fair comment without malice. We believe that empowering people to make an informed choice is good. All measurements within our website are factual and are quoted verbatim from the reports we receive from accredited, independent laboratories and we retain such supporting evidence to justify that the statistics are representative of the characteristics of the products relevant for a proper comparison. Outcomes are masked because of comparative advertising, product disparagement and trademark constraints.

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 30.8 × 16 × 15.5 cm


Average dosage for an adult horse is 1 sachet a day. Average dosage for a small horse is ½ sachet a day. The rule of thumb when introducing a completely new feed, is changing by 25% increments over a 5-7 day period. Adding Aloeride does not create a new feed that requires corrective adaptation of the gut microbiome in order to cope. However, you may want to start digestion-sensitive horses on ½ sachet a day. If only a part of the sachet content is used, please fold the sachet closed immediately after the required amount is taken and hermetically seal the sachet (cellotape) because Aloeride powder is strongly hydophillic (i.e. attracts moisture). Aloeride aloe vera powder can be mixed either with feed, or be mixed with water and syringed into the horse’s mouth, or be mixed with a cream to apply topically. Most horse owners simply mix it in with the feed. Do not open the sachet when/where there is wind, Aloeride powder is very fine and is easily blown away. Keep your horse’s worming regime up to date to avoid wasting nutrients ingested as well as conflict between parasitic worms and Aloeride. Storage: out of direct sunlight and ideally cool, shelf life can be increased very significantly by keeping equine Aloeride in a freezer. Keep out of the reach of children.

6 reviews for Aloeride aloe vera for Horses 6 CARTONS + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

  1. Sue Sandford (verified owner)

    A really excellent supplement – I would not be without it for my horse. It has been a great help to his sensitive skin and has a positive effect on his overall wellbeing. Kind regards, Sue.

  2. Tracy Potter

    Each year Stormy gets these crystal like spots all over when he comes out of winter and they take about a month or so for them to go.. The vet reckons it is change in feed, climate and grass etc which she is sensitive to. Anyway they are harmless but feel awful and under her mane looks bumpy and un slightly. Within one week they have literally vanished !!!!!! So 100% excellent product.. plus her coat looks really well and I’m sure its helping her overall well being too!!!!

  3. Christopher Sol

    I am very pleased with Aloeride, as you said, the digestive sensitivity of my horse has become much easier to handle. You’ve hit the nail on the head with your advice and super product. Thanks!!

  4. KevinKi

    Best product ever! My ex racer Thoroughbred is thriving on Aloeride. Thank you, Kevin

  5. LynneStarkie (verified owner)

    Used this last summer and my mare’s Sweet Itch disappeared totally. I have now ordered 6 months supply so that I can start her on it BEFORE the Sweet Itch takes hold and, hopefully, prevent it altogether this year.

  6. Philippa Birtwell (verified owner)

    Hi Have had my young horse on aloeride for 6 weeks in effort to combat insect bite sensitivity. Shine on his coat is now so amazing I have put my veteran on it too and yesterday the physio asked if I was showing him as his condition was “glowing”! Not sure how effective it will be for sweet itch but so far so good.

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