Aloeride aloe vera for People

Soil Association Certified Organic Aloeride aloe veraSuitable for VegansAloeride aloe vera is suitable for VegetariansAloeride aloe vera for People… the herb that has proven its value throughout the Ages and that we produce to an unrivaled standard into something that is much easier to ingest than aloe vera gel. Aloeride aloe vera for People safely supports digestion, skin healthvery useful for dealing with sunburn – and makes hair and nails grow stronger. It supports the immune system and boosts general wellbeing. Ours is a much higher nutrient-density, non-latex aloe vera. Each pack is made from 2.4 Litres of Soil Association Certified Organic wholeleaf aloe vera barbadensis miller juice and contains 28 x 426mg vegetarian capsules. These shield you and yours from the unpleasant taste of aloe vera which is a blessing and not just for the children. Year on year since 2004 – and perhaps unsurprisingly so – the six pack has been our best seller, 20% loyalty discount plus freepost.