Let me explain why the magic of aloe vera is not in its water. When anybody tells you that aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice is ‘best’ because ‘it is more natural’ or ‘it contains its natural medium’ then remember this: Nature uses water to move stuff from A to B. That is why your body as a whole contains some 60% water, your brain 70%, your blood 83%, your lungs 90% and that is why aloe vera contains 95% water… so it can move its nutrients about and doesn’t run dry during droughts (after all aloe vera is genetically a desert plant).

Nature’s biochemistry works because of the transported stuff and not because of the water. So when it comes to aloe vera, you can get water perfectly fine from your tap water (we think it’s better when you filter it). What you seek is that what fuels the magic, and this is what laboratories measure in abundance inside Aloeride… high levels of working molecules. We freeze the water out which means that all heat-sensitive molecules within whole leaf aloe vera barbadensis miller remain intact (note that Aloeride gives you the water-soluble nutrients via the inner gel as well as the lipid-soluble nutrients from the rind).

Up to 23.4x more nutrients

We assume that you too prefer ‘fact via objective measurement’ over ’emotive marketing’. You see, what aloe vera gel enthusiasts may not know is that independent laboratories time and again measure that Aloeride aloe vera contains very significantly more of the molecules that are responsible for the accolades attributed to aloe vera. By taking the water out responsibly, we are able to put a very great deal more working molecules in a vegetarian capsule or in a sachet. Taking the water out responsibly of course also prevents bacterial degradation, so we don’t have to use (and one can’t react adversely to) stabilisers.

Aloeride gives you those 5% working (incl. beta-linked polysaccharide) molecules because they work the magic, notably the orchestration of the other molecules. Aloe’s 95% water is just the medium that enables movement from A to B (true within soil, within any plant, within any mammal outside its cells). Water is not what aloe vera’s many accolades are based upon, otherwise water would have received that same praise. That’s deliriously simple isn’t it. Beware that for some manufacturers the magic of aloe vera is in its water… check out Product 2a and 3b in the independent laboratory tests. Yep, watering down aloe vera don’t stop them from charging high prices.

With respect, but you don't know the difference between aloe vera products/labels until you do laboratory tests. So, for an objective view on proven premium quality, unadulterated product samples of Aloeride, Aloequine, Barrier Animal Healthcare Pure Aloe Vera Juice, Forever Living Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel and Hilton Herbs Aloe Vera were presented for independent measurement by an accredited laboratory equipped for industry standard evaluation of aloe vera. It's an eye opener:
Aloeride Product 2a Product 3b Product 4f Product 5h
12 litres optimised to 30 palatable powder sachets per carton 12 litres = 3.17 x (3.785 litres @ £35.00) 12 litres = 2.4 x (5 litres @ £37.76) 12 litres = 12 x (1 litre @ £21.62) 12 litres = 2.4 x (5 litres @ £63.00)
£55.20 (that's before you choose your multi-carton discount) £110.95 £90.63 £259.44 £151.20
Nutritional Density: 5.31 x fewer nutrients 23.4 x fewer nutrients 3.23 x fewer nutrients 2.39 x fewer nutrients
4,680 mg/L 880 mg/L 200 mg/L 1,450 mg/L 1,960 mg/L
£4.60 per litre (that's before you choose your multi-carton discount) £9.25 per litre £7.55 per litre £21.62 per litre £12.60 per litre
We can supply you with a multi-laboratory proven better aloe vera at vastly deflated cost because we don’t have expensive offices, we don’t finance a multilevel marketing pyramid, we don't have much staff, we don’t transport liquid aloe, and we neither seek nor make rapacious profit.

Magic of water

For fullness of information, certain water is  magical.  Inside healthy body cells  (yours and those of your horse), water models itself with protein carboxylate groups into low-density clathrate structures. However, in order to achieve this, a strong potassium bias and ample adenosine triphosphate is necessary. The point is, water inside aloe vera does not contribute to your clathrate structuring, but eating loads of (raw) vegetables and certain fruits does (daily turn out on large, varying pasture for your horse), reducing the amount of sugar you ingest does, reducing the amount of sodium you ingest does… So, talk about aloe vera ‘original medium’ (aloe vera water) alludes to the magic properties of water that it possesses INSIDE healthy body cells. It’s the marketing talk of smoke and mirrors. The magic of aloe vera is not in its water…

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Han van de Braak

About Han van de Braak

Han van de Braak BSc LicAc MCSP MBAcC (Retd.) is a registered healthcare provider who started to make the best possible in aloe vera in 2002. Aloeride aloe vera for Horses and Aloeride aloe vera for People are Soil Association Certified Organic and give you the best in aloe vera at the best price.


  • jose r varela c says:

    Very interesting content, thanks for sharing.
    We produce aloe juice since 2000 with our own plants, very small amounts.
    The risk of bacteria is high.
    In addition, water is variable in many equations: handling/packing/logistic purposes and the issue of flavor.
    My only question is: during that separation of water from the rest, how do you manage to isolate only pure H2O and not
    take along other solids or liquids or natural compounds in such process. I do not pretend for you guys to
    expose patented procedures or R&D content of very high value, just curious how to communicate the chemestry /physics to healthy and usually knowledgeable consumers who like/want the juice as it is from hand fillet or whole leaf.
    Ramon Varela

    • Han van de Braak says:

      Dear José Varela, yes the isolation is difficult and our processing of both inner leaf and outer rind makes for extra work and thus extra manufacturing cost. If you produce locally and sell locally then leaving the inner leaf as is, may be perfectly fine. As you say, there is the bacterial degradation. To get microbiological stabilisation one needs to use high hydrostatic pressure and storage at very low temperature. To retard oxidation one needs to add water soluble ascorbic acid, fat soluble vitamin tocopherols/tocotrienols and glucitol but the latter has laxative properties as does the aloin in aloe vera. Bad news for everyone with a GI tract that is already prone to diarrhoea. With 1L H2O = 1kg, the transport cost of hand filleted or whole leaf aloe vera is significant. How knowledgeable consumers are depends on the amount of research and manufacturing information, as opposed to sales and marketing information, they have been exposed to. Kind regards, Han.

  • Prithviraj Desale says:

    Such a beautiful creation of nature and the values company has got in Aloe Vera, it’s one of my favourite subject. I am happy to get knowledge from your website. Looking forward to have words with your concern authorities, as I did lot research of it and have my products which are eco friendly and sustainable.
    Thank you

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