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Sally Toye is very well-known and respected within Endurance and Sally Toye feeds Aloeride. We are so proud that we can help her and her horses Mia and Elvis.

I have been involved with endurance since the 90s. I have ridden here and competed globally which has taught me so much. I have seen a fair few things come and go and Aloeride has been around for a while now. I have been very pleasantly surprised at my 100 miler mare’s recovery from 160k in October so assisted by Aloeride. She has bounced back into her normal bolshy self-opinionated self much quicker and I am now having to cut her feed down as she is absorbing it so well she is getting a little fat! (And this is November) I wish I had the same excuse.

The Aloeride website is packed with information for all animals (including me) and I am thrilled to have come across a company with high values and they are just meaning to get it right and help both the horse and rider, just magic. They seem passionate in the care of the horse and I know from my endurance career that results come from work and they also come from having the right team around you and the equine athlete. Diet is a massive part of this, bearing in mind that my ambitions involve riding a 100 miler in 24 hours, so feeding is crucial.

Sally Toye

Now we can ride even smarter in the quest “to finish is to win” (the catch phrase of the American Endurance Society)