We are a British company that sells products worldwide. Our shopping cart currency is Pound Sterling. The Currency tab within www.aloeride.com Product description is a courtesy to give you an opportunity to estimate goods prices in your own currency. Our in-other-areas-jolly-clever software can only handle one currency. Sad perhaps, but it only means that your credit card makes the currency conversion instead of our software doing this… It seems much of a muchness that not infrequently works in the customers’ favour.

Our website uses Geolocation to see where browsers come from. If you browse from inside the European Union, you will see products listed with Value Added Tax (VAT) included. Browsers from outside the European Union will see products listed without VAT because orders with a Delivery Address outside the European Union -such as the United States of America, Canada or Australia- are not liable for VAT. Equine feed supplements (Aloeride aloe vera for horses) are VAT exempt in the United Kingdom, so, irrespective of which country the order is delivered to, no VAT on goods is levied at our end.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) informed us that delivery of goods, be it by post or courier, forms part of the contract with our customers. When supplying vatable items, VAT has to be calculated on the balance including any handling and/or delivery charges. If the item supplied is a non VAT item then obviously no VAT is charged over that item but it is over any handling and/or delivery charges.

We have been asked if Aloeride Extra Strong is zero-rated for VAT for registered disabled people. HMRC advised us that, because Aloeride Extra Strong is on sale to the general public and is not specifically made for or exclusively sold to the registered disabled, it is a VAT liable item always. You may be interested to read HM Revuenue & Customers on VAT reliefs for disabled people or ring 0845 3020203 (Option 1).