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    Contact Us

    Santé Franglais Ltd.
    Hammond House
    75 Burnmill Road
    Market Harborough
    Leicestershire LE16 7JG
    United Kingdom

    UK: 01858 464550

    Int: 0044 1858 464550

    Our Mission

    Aloeride Best British Aloe Vera by far

    Aloeride is exceptional amidst the mountain of products that have aloe vera on their label. We do much more than helping you to the proven best, Soil Association Certified Organic aloe vera and making it more affordable. We help you deploy Aloeride aloe vera in the most effective way with advice that helps you feel tons better.

    We are a Specialist Company in Leicestershire that makes the only Soil Association Certified Organic Aloe Vera for horses and people. We live by healthy family values which are why, all along the path of making our Aloe Vera food and feed supplement; we do not compromise on a single thing. Without exception, we go the extra mile and furlong for you. From this website you can buy not just Aloeride Aloe Vera for Horses and Aloeride Aloe Vera for People but also natural supplements used in our MD’s clinical practice. The image below is of Hammond House. Between 1887 and 1923, Francis Hammond was the headmaster of Market Harborough County Grammar School. On the local ordnance survey map the house is shown as Headmaster’s House. To collect your order, strictly by appointment, please ring the pull bell at the main front door.