Sarah Rogers feeds her horses Aloeride

Sarah Rogers feeds her horses Aloeride

My name is Sarah Rogers, I’m 31 years old. I am currently based in the Cotswolds, where I ride and compete for family Bechtolsheimer. Previous to this, I was very lucky

Nikki Goldup feeds Aloeride

I was lucky enough to win the Aloeride winter competition this year and couldn’t believe my luck when Han, the MD of Aloeride, called to let me know I had

Rachel Edmonds feeds Aloeride

  Rachel Edmunds feeds Aloeride: I bought Fiddler in November 2011, after losing my previous horse (he had the op for kissing spines and couldn’t cope with the rehab) and it
Philippa Weston feeds Aloeride

Philippa Weston feeds Aloeride

I have ridden for 20 years and competed in a number of disciplines including: showing, eventing, show jumping, endurance, racing and hunting. Irish (also known as Nightnews) is a 10
Poppy Joshi feeds Aloeride

Poppy Joshi feeds Aloeride

I’m 18, and an aspiring international rider recently selected for the first ever Working Equitation GB squad development team. I also ride affiliated dressage, as there is a dressage element

Louisa Jackson feeds Aloeride

  Louisa: I have found he recovers remarkably well on Aloeride compared to the supplements he was on before. The benefits of feeding Aloeride were seen very quickly with his coat
Aloeride aloe vera Tamsin Drew

Tamsin Drew feeds Aloeride

Another Three Day Eventing rider joins TDE professionals Victoria Bax and Eliza Stoddart who both feed Aloeride Tamsin won the 2015 Aloeride Christmas Draw. Our heartiest congratulations and we look
Yorton Farm Stud feeds Aloeride aloe vera

Yorton Farm Stud feeds Aloeride aloe vera

Yorton Farm Stud has been feeding Aloeride aloe vera to their roster of stallions since August 2014. We are very proud to supply them because Yorton Farm Stud is recognised as
Jason Webb feeds Aloeride aloe vera

Jason Webb feeds Aloeride

Jason Webb feeds Aloeride to ‘problem horses’ that come to his yard especially when it’s likely that something is not quite right with their digestion. Of course this is agreed
Mongol Derby 2017 Sally Toye Aloeride

Sally Toye feeds Aloeride

  Sally Toye is very well-known and respected within Endurance and Sally Toye feeds Aloeride. We are so proud that we can help her and her horses Mia and Elvis. I have
Aloeride sponsors Eliza Stoddart riding Opposition Free at Priors Park

Eliza Stoddart feeds Aloeride

Eliza Stoddart has been hugely successful, she was a member of the silver medal-winning GB Team at the Pony European Championships in 2008 and Under 18 National Champion in 2010

Victoria Bax feeds Aloeride

Victoria Bax is an established event rider and trainer based in Essex who also specializes in the retraining of ex-race horses, many of whom arrive straight off the track requiring
Katie Jerram feeds Aloeride

Katie Jerram feeds Aloeride

Katie Jerram is almost showing royalty and has scooped nearly every prize under the spotlight. With a variety of top class horses at her stables in Great Dunmow, Essex, including
Aloeride aloe vera dressage

Leah Beckett feeds Aloeride

Aloeride, the natural organic aloe vera feed supplement are delighted to announce that they have another high-profile rider joining their team, international dressage rider Leah Beckett. Leah Beckett feeds Aloeride
Georgia Dagg feeds Aloeride aloe vera

Georgia Dagg feeds Aloeride

I have been reading about Aloeride on your website and in the leaflets you provided. I didn’t know so much about aloe vera before. I am so grateful that my horse
Loraine Homer feeds Aloeride aloe vera

Loraine Homer feeds Aloeride

Loraine Homer has always used aloe vera on her Show horses. Since 2012 Loraine Homer feeds Aloeride. One bit of advice she offers for Showing is why spend a fortune