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Aloeride Extra Strong aloe vera dosage

Ideally Aloeride Extra Strong aloe vera is taken away from food (some 30-45 minutes before and some 60 minutes after) and with ample of water (filtering tap water always is a clever idea). That way, food particles won’t obstruct the polysaccharide binding sites in the gut (aloe vera uses these). Dosing is no hard science –as true for prescription drugs as it is for a food supplement or food itself– because often this is dictated by results which may vary from one individual to another.

The following are guidelines:
1 vegetarian capsule a day (easiest is 1 first thing in the morning -at your washstand- or 1 in the evening -at your washstand-; it can of course be taken any time of day to suit you) = maintenance dosage for adults who wish to boost general wellbeing or wish to help digestive tract issues and/or wish to help skin health. Even when dietary sensitivities are well managed by food choices, some extra help to buffer this sensitivity often proves very beneficial. For young children it is sensible to ratio their weight to that of an average adult (75kg) and use a proportion of the capsule content; see also ‘Can I take too much Aloeride Extra Strong’.
2 vegetarian capsules a day (easiest is 1 first thing in the morning -at your washstand- and 1 in the evening -at your washstand) = adult dosage when the digestive tract or the skin is compromised, people choosing this dosage often do so to fuel tissue repair. Because aloe vera’s effect lasts for 24 hrs (with most of this occurring during the first 12 hrs) there is no need to get into a flap about exactly at what hour to take Aloeride Extra Strong, just divide it (evenly if possible) over the 24 hrs. If you ingest 2 vegetarian capsules at the same time then you’re likely to ingest more beta-linked polysaccharides than there are binding sites for them, so you’d be wasting Aloeride polysaccharides as they’ll go straight through.
3 vegetarian capsules a day (1 in the morning and 1 at noon and 1 in the evening) = adult dosage when innate tissue repair needs a huge boost, this would never be a maintenance dosage. If you ingest 2 or 3 vegetarian capsules at the same time then you’re likely to ingest more beta-linked polysaccharides than there are binding sites for them, so you’d be wasting Aloeride polysaccharides as they’ll go straight through.

Can I take too much Aloeride Extra Strong aloe vera?

One of the world’s greatest expert on aloe vera, Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr. Ivan E. Danhof PhD MD wrote to us that, once all polysaccharide receptor sites in the digestive tract have been saturated by the aloe polysaccharides, any remaining dosage simply passes through the alimentary canal and does no harm. The serving that achieves this limit in an adult is approximately 500mg which is slightly more than what’s in 1 Aloeride Extra Strong vegetarian capsule (426mg). That is why you never take 2 capsules at the same time… Our youngest ever user was less than one year old and it is very reassuring to know that, even in such a small child, it is impossible to overdose, what doesn’t bind to the child’s receptor sites simply leaves his/her alimentary canal.

For reference: Dr. Danhof has impeccable credentials namely a B.Sc. in Biology and Chemistry, a M.Sc. in Nutrition and Microbiology, a Ph.D. in Physiology, and a Medical Degree with specialties in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. Dr. Danhof is a retired Professor of Physiology at the University of Texas who has written 80 research papers throughout his career. Additionally, he served as a Fulbright Scholar in Afghanistan investigating Botanical Medicine.

Aloeride ingredients including capsule

A question often asked by those who have food intolerances is “could you give me a full list of your ingredients including the capsule”. Here is that list. Each vegetarian capsule (28 in a pack) is filled to 426mg aloe vera barbadensis miller leaving a air space that very deliberately we haven’t filled with a filler, because like you we want things to be pure! People with food sensitivities are encouraged to take our approach to heart, notably Aloeride in conjunction with probiotics and dietary rotation.

aloe vera

Aloeride is a unique, multiprocess, freeze dried dehydrate of whole leaf Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller that preserves more aloe vera working constituents than is generally available.

desiccant and glidant

To help Aloeride glide into the vegetarian capsules, we make use of inert desiccant and glidant AEROSIL® 200 Pharma. The raw materials used for it are exclusively of chemical origin and are so pure that AEROSIL® meets the requirements of various pharmacopoeia monographs without restrictions. No animal or vegetable raw materials or solvents are used to manufacture AEROSIL® colloidal silica. The hydrophilic fumed silica can absorb moisture from the surface and avoid liquid bridging which prevents caking during storage.

vegetarian capsules

We exclusively use Vcaps® capsules, the world’s long-established vegetarian capsule. With both KO and OU Kosher and Halal certification, and certified by the Vegetarian and Vegan Action Society, they are an appealing way to address the preferences of an important growing group of supplement users who indicate that vegetarian source is important in their decision making. Vcaps capsules are non-GMO Project verified, gluten-free and preservative-free—a very clean-label product. Capsule shell weighs 95mg (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) and this is not included in the 426mg stated.

How old does one have to be to use Aloeride Extra Strong?

William Baxter had multiple problems since he was two weeks old, among which problematic feeding, projectile vomiting and multiple aversions. Medication helped a little and feeding via a stoma was tolerated only in tiny, 10mL helpings. He was failing to thrive and was not even one year old when he started on Aloeride Extra Strong aloe vera powder from our capsules. “William has used Aloeride Extra Strong for five months now and from day 1 it was obvious that he became a different child. We are really very happy.”

One sad thing was that William’s parents were told by the Consultant Paediatrician in no uncertain terms that the baby needed milk to grow strong. Yet cow’s milk had been the one constant in all the feeding formulas they tried and all failed to be tolerated. Our advice to try an alternative milk like Rice Dream did not weigh up against that of the pediatrician. The dosage of Aloeride used for this baby was matched to his body weight, i.e. he took an appropriate fraction of adult dosage. It should be noted that taking Aloeride Extra Strong aloe vera at this age is of course quite unusual but, because of the absence of additives or laxative anthraquinones, Aloeride was a perfectly safe option that clearly made a difference.

How quickly will I notice the difference?

As you will understand, this is an impossible question to answer because it depends on what you’ve got, on how long you had it for, on what might be an appropriate dosage for you. Some conditions respond instantly, some respond slowly, some don’t respond. There’s no such things as a panacea in prescribed medication and nor is there with aloe vera. If you don’t see or feel a light at the end of the tunnel within three months then Aloeride is unlikely to do it for you. For Jean Heal (IBD) change happened within days, for Angela Waters (Diverticular Disease) change happened within days, for Anna (Eczema) change took two weeks, for Rodney Burrows (Psoriasis) change happened progressively over a few months.

That unique, broad spectrum of nutrients

Aloe vera is a remarkable desert plant and has been recognised as such throughout the ages by people from all continents. It is the type of nutrients that aloe vera barbadensis miller contains and the quantity ingested of them that drives what your horse’s body can do. So here’s a list of what fuels the magic that is aloe vera:

Plant Substance Physiological Effect
Gibberellin plant hormones for growth including stimulation of enzyme production (α amylases) it also delays plant senescence (anti-ageing)
Amino Acids 20 of the 22 necessary and 7 of the 8 essential vital building blocks for the building of cells DNA enzymes muscles hormones… anything
Inorganic Ions: Calcium Magnesium Sodium Potassium Zinc Copper Iron Manganese Molybdenum Chromium absolutely vital for too many physiological functions to list here – Magnesium for instance is a necessary part to make 200 different enzymes work whilst Chromium for instance is vital for building glucose tolerance factor
Vitamins: B1 B2 B6 Choline B12 vitC vitA Niacin Folic Acid absolutely vital for too many physiological functions to list here
β [1-4] linked glucomannan polysaccharides different lengths of these polysaccharide have different functions and they direct other nutrients to assist in their task – their functions: immunomodulatory intracellular antioxidant anti-inflammatory and blood sugar support
Enzymes such as peroxidase catalase alliase lipase cellulase carboxypeptidase(Zn) amylase alkaline phosphatase absolutely vital for the transformation of one substance into another
Steroids plant steroids help aloe vera quench inflammation within its tissue
Sterols plant sterols are a subgroup of the steroids and do the same
Unsaponifiable phytosterols: cholesterol lupeol β-sitosterol campesterol help aloe vera quench inflammation within its tissue
Lignins help transdermal penetration
Lectin like substances role in plant germination and in mammals regulation of cell adhesion to glycoprotein synthesis and control of protein levels in the blood
Salicylic acid -active chemical component of aspirin pain relief and temperature control
Saponins glycosides cleansing and antiseptic properties
Triglycerides fatty acid building blocks
Uric Acid increases short term plasma antioxidant activity

Is Aloeride Extra Strong Kosher and Halaal?

Aloeride aloe vera is suitable for vegetarian, vegan, kosher כשר and halal حلال ways of living. Since 2010, we exclusively use vegetarian VcapsPlus capsules that are Certified Organic as well as Kosher and Halaal certified. Inside these vegetarian capsules our Soil Association Certified Organic, 100% pure aloe vera powder is by its very nature Kosher, Halaal and suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. We will not present Aloeride Extra Strong for either Kosher or Halaal certification (time consuming and costly procedures) because no reasonable person would mistake our food supplement for a substance that their belief forbids. Up to 2010, our capsules had to be made from pharmaceutical grade, certified bovine (cow) gelatine because the fill technology at that time prohibited the use of vegicaps. Fortunately fill technology moved on! Being Soil Association Certified Organic, Aloeride aloe vera is suitable for vegetarian, vegan, kosher כשר and halal حلال ways of living.

Does Aloeride dissolve in water?

The specialaloe vera powder that is Aloeride does dissolve in water and we have written a dedicated page on this. Only for conditions anywhere between your front teeth and your stomach (diaphragm) sphyncter might it be advantageous to use liquid aloe vera. So that is when you would open 1 vegetarian capsule and dissolve its capsule content in water. Swirl it around in your mouth (contact time is of the essence) if the problem is there. You would gargle (contact time is of the essence) if the problem is in your throat. You would swallow if a problem is along your oesophagus. After you swirl or gargle you always would swallow the Aloeride aloe vera so it then can be absorbed into the bloodstream and benefit you in that way too.

What do we know about aloe vera?

Aloe vera has been valued throughout the ages and this documented empiricism dates back to well before Christ. Science saved us from subjective enthusiasm so aloe vera became one of the most researched herbs on the planet. Ample of good quality research has been done on aloe vera and you can find a small selection of them here. The problem with aloe vera products always has, in our view, been how, what type of species, was grown and how that aloe vera was processed and packaged after harvesting. The BIG problem for end consumers like you is that aloe vera on the label doesn’t necessary equal aloe vera in the product . That is why we share independent laboratory tests with you.

Isn’t aloe vera gel or juice better than aloe vera powder?

1) It takes but common sense that the magic of aloe vera is NOT in the water (water makes up 99.5% of aloe vera juice) but in the 0.5% working molecules that makes up their ‘solids’. Just click the blue hyperlink to have this explained in detail. Aloeride Extra Strong delivers the 0.5% of working molecules that represents the magic of aloe vera.

2) Those who prefer facts to marketing sound bites and flag waving, will delight in the findings from independent, product comparative laboratory tests because this glasnost information is not available elsewhere. We have done our best to explain these lab tests, and their consequences for you, as clearly as we know how to.

Now back to water, keeping the water in makes an aloe vera consumer product subject to bacterial degradation, it stops you from carrying aloe around so you can’t use it when you need it, every time you open the bottle new air comes in so oxidation takes place, it liquid aloe vera obviously is much more costly to post. What is true is that among both fluid and powder products you will find good and bad products. So, is Aloeride Extra Strong the best? Yes, not based on possibly biased opinion, but on quality control every step along the way and test results freely available for all of you to see.

Can I develop a tolerance to Aloeride, should I take breaks?

The ‘tolerance’ referred to in this question happens in homeopathic remedies whereby one’s body gets accustomed to the homeopathic ‘signal’. It gets ‘bored’ with that same signal so reduces it’s response to that signal, thus the remedy becomes less effective. In electro-stimulation of neurons such fading is called Wedenski inhibition and this can be overcome by changing to 2 frequencies; keeping to 1 stimulatory frequency causes the neurological response to fade. This is the sort of ‘tolerance’ referred to in this question..

How likely do you think you are to develop such ‘tolerance’ to carrots, broccoli or the vitamins and minerals within runner beans. You are not, are you. In similar fashion, the molecules within the aloe vera food supplement Aloeride Extra Strong do what they do, they bind to polysaccharide binding sites, enter the blood stream intact via pinocytosis and other molecules within Aloeride like Chromium, Magnesium or Calcium are absorbed through the intestinal villi. Molecules within Aloeride aloe vera do not send out just a signal upon which the body responds, they simply provide food nutrients that the body uses. Fuel for the furnace. Consequently you can and should take Aloeride for as long as you like, your body’s response will not fade. Same applies to your carrots, broccoli and runner beans.

Can I use Aloeride whilst on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet?

Yes you can! But within SCD circles there’s confusion about it. At a medical lecture at Oxford University where Dr. Sherry Rogers MD was the keynote speaker, Elaine Gottschall was a guest speaker and spoke about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Afterwards we mentioned to Elaine the different laboratory tests we initiated and their grossly different measurements. She tarred all aloe vera with the same brush despite her motto being ‘the devil is in the detail’.
From privately given feedback we know that people who have inflammations or have wounds to repair, respond favourably to adding Aloeride Extra Strong to their diet. Very satisfactory outcomes happen because of the unique polysaccharide profile of Aloeride, the vastly larger quantity of working molecules compared to other aloe products and the absence of laxative molecules.Properly performed aloe vera research by Bland in 1985 shows that it improves your bacterial flora [6 out of 10 improve stool microbiology], it reduces your gut permeability [significant drop in Indican levels], it reduces stool specific gravity and it improves the gut pH [creating a favourable environment for good bacteria]. Note that aloe vera sugar molecules (glucomannans, polymannoses, glycoproteins) are linked in beta-configuration and these links cannot be broken by digestive enzymes. Via pinocytosis these sugar molecules enter the blood stream uncleaved. They do not become fodder for bad bacteria like the uncleaved, alpha-linked food poly/tri/disaccharides do (which is what the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is all about).Aloeride Extra Strong has a proven, exemplary polysaccharide profile and this, together with an exemplary amount of working ingredients, which makes it ideal for people with digestive disorders including those on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. No reason why the two cannot reinforce one another.

Warning: Read the label! Doug has ulcerative colitis, found a web article not on our website and decided to give Aloeride a go. He started off at a high dosage for 180mg capsules and didn’t read the instructions on the pack he’d bought (our bigger Aloeride Extra Strong vegicapsules containing 426mg). So Doug took 1,278mg a day straight out of the gate. For any person any significant change of diet can affect stool consistency and so it did for Doug. Fragile bowel ulcers + suddenly a bulkier bowel content = friction = risk of discomfort and bleeding ulcers… predictable! Yet all Doug concluded was that Elaine Gottschall was right… whereas in reality he just mishandled a good opportunity.

Why doesn’t Aloeride have a Seal Of Approval?

Imagine that you are an aircraft manufacturer. You shall want to attach wings that won’t fall off at say 20,000 feet. British Standards help you identify nuts and bolts that will withstand pressures at 20,000 feet. Useful if not essential…
When it comes to Standards in aloe vera land, in 1981 one American manufacturer helped institute a Seal Of Approval that created the illusion of Standards. That same company was the first in the world to receive this Seal of Approval, something that wouldn’t have been possible under British Law. It is probably fair to say that every educational institution on the planet believes that self-accreditation doesn’t properly reflect academic or scientific achievement.Subsequently a very misleading public statement was broadcast: “the Certification Seal represents the only way to validate an aloe vera product to the world market and to quality-minded consumers”. We authorised accredited, independent laboratories to measure the industry-standard value for working consituents in two products that carry this ‘Seal Of Approval’. Spot the variations… and you’ll understand why their statement was and is misleading.

So do I get the same Aloeride aloe vera as horses do?

You’re not far off but you’ve got your timeline wrong. It’s the other way around: horses get the same proven quality Aloeride aloe vera powder as people get, only in horse-appropriate dosage and in horse-appropriate packaging. We launched Aloeride for People in 2004 after some two years of trialling and Aloeride for Horses was launched in 2011.Our point of view is simply this, if you can make the best then make the best. Which is what we do. If you value horses, which is what we do, then give them the best also. We have yet to meet the horse owner that would be pleased to find out that the aloe vera that he/she bought for his/her equine friend is (much) less then what it could have been. We are very proud to make Aloeride the aloe vera for valued people and valued horses.

Does Aloeride contain Manapol?

Yes of course Aloeride aloe vera contains these molecules. Manapol is a product made by Carrington Laboratories in the USA and Manapol powder consists of roughly 25% acetylated mannans, 25% pectins, 25% methylcellulose, and 25% calcium malate. Aloe polysaccharides consist of linear (unbranched) chains of beta-1-4-linked glucose and mannose molecules: owing to the presence of these two simple hexose sugars, they are also called glucomannans, and because there is considerably more mannose than glucose present, they are also sometimes called polymannans. Turn the last word around and you know where the name Manapol might come from.To the question whether Aloeride aloe vera contains such polymannans – the answer is yes Aloeride does – I refer you to the detailed information of the independent laboratory tests. The first product test you will see is about our Aloeride, now mouse over the figures 2.0 x 106 and 1.0 x 106 and 4.80 x 105 and you can read about the different polysaccharide lengths there are in our Aloeride and the %s thereof. So the answer is a resounding YES and you will have noticed that our polysaccharides profile is superior to all of the products (those that qualified for this) we had tested.

Comparing aloe vera gel quantity to aloe vera powder quantity

Chondroitin supplements consist of ground up shark or cow cartilage. The thinking behind this is that, if you provide a body with the raw material that is cartilage, a mammalian body will use that material to regenerate its own cartilage. Two common sensical things need to be considered here: 1) a foal growing up seems to develop cartilage just fine without the need for shark or cow cartilage, it builds it own cartilage from various amino acids in the mare’s milk, grass and herbs of choice in natural habitat. 2) if chondroitin had been hugely successful, the very first thing its marketing department would have shown us is cartilage changes in MRI scans… oddly enough, there is no such study, anywhere. The British Medical Journal published: compared with placebo, glucosamine, chondroitin, and their combination do not reduce joint pain or have an impact on narrowing of joint space (BMJ 2010;341:c4675).The conclusion is very simple, joint care is best served by a) controlling any inflammatory process in the tissue of the joint and in tissue surrounding it, by b) controlling the pH of the synovial fluid and by c) providing ample elementary building blocks for maintenance & repair. Controlling the former (a) goes from steroids to non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs to phenylbutazone (the former two being veterinary prescribed medication) to help from feed stuff. Steroids present issues with connective tissue change, becoming positive for doping and risk of laminitis; NSAID may create issues with stomach and gut health; whereas feed stuffs may not work quite as quickly, it is the natural approach that keeps your horse competition compatible. One time-honoured example of this is to bruise and warm red cabbage leaves, make this into a compress and wrap it around a compromised joint, their anthocyanin pigments (eg, cyanidin, pelargonidin, petunidin) and polyphenols can deliver surprising relief. Only the third option (c) provides building blocks via diet, some ingested feed stuffs can help spontaneous remission of symptoms. The Veteran Horse Society and the Blue Cross found that feeding their aged horses Aloeride coincided with their horses moving freer and easier.

Can I take Aloeride Extra Strong aloe vera when I am pregnant?

Yes, it is a food (herb) to which there is no known allergy or known drug interaction. In poorly made aloe vera products the laxative molecules create a problem for pregnancy; these molecules have been carefully removed from Aloeride.

Does Aloeride interact with prescription drugs?

There is no known drug interaction in the sense of Aloeride aloe vera pills affecting serum half-time or having direct interaction. Aloeride taken either alone or in combination with oral hypoglycaemic drugs may lower blood sugar in people with type I and type II (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus, which is why we advise people to continue routine blood glucose monitoring.

Do I need to keep aloe vera in the fridge?

Aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice must be kept in a fridge after opening and both have a limited shelf life. In contrast, Aloeride Extra Strong aloe vera can be stored at average room temperature 18°C (64°F) until the best before date. If you buy the six-pack for instance then you may decide to (but don’t have to) store those aloe vera packs that you aren’t using in the fridge. This is optional if your storage is at 18°C (64°F) but refrigerating becomes essential when you live in a warm climate. Please avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight. Avoid breaking the aluminium seal of capsules that you do not intend to ingest immediately; the moisture in ambient air will denature the aloe vera.