Victoria Bax Eventing

Competition Compatible

From testing of horses on a routine dosage of Aloeride at British Eventing and Endurance GB events, we know that every horse passed with flying colours. The same is true for Thoroughbred Racehorses in flat racing or jump racing. Aloeride is competition compatible. We do the proactive tests that we are allowed to do under BHA regulations and these are done by LGC at Newmarket.

Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (N.O.P.S.)

Aloeride aloe vera for Horses is competition compatible Aloeride aloe vera for Horses is competition compatible
Aloeride scores Negative for Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (BN021139). Aloeride scores Negative for Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (BN032869).

Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances pretty much all relate to combine harvested crop. That’s why it is predictable that Aloeride aloe vera, which is harvested and processed manually, doesn’t have such contaminants. However, we totally understand the importance of substance legalities in competition, which is why part of our Quality Control involves having every batch tested by the accredited Newmarket laboratory LGC. Laboratory tests are shared with our sponsored riders and brand ambassadors, and can be made available to customers on request.

Doping Testing

In addition to N.O.P.S. we are seeking to do elective Doping testing on Aloeride nutrient-loaded horses. The first hurdle we met was taking blood samples, such research must comply with the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act and be subjected to ethical review. Professor Tim Morris (BHA’s former director of equine science and welfare) advised us against this as it would be a difficult, lengthy and prohibitively costly procedure. We have since been advised by Dr. Lynn Hillyer, PhD CertEM(IntMed), MRCVS – BHA Veterinary Adviser (Anti-Doping and Medication Control) – that LGC, who are under BHA contract, is not allowed to undertake non-invasive urinary sample doping testing for us.

Aloeride Dope testing

Beyond aloe vera plant nutrients Aloeride does not contain any such pharmaceutical or non-inert synthetic compounds.

British Horse Racing Authority (BHA)

Unless authorised by the equine veterinary surgeon, on racedays no horse is allowed any substance other than regular feed and water, this includes all feed supplements including Aloeride. On the basis of Schedule-3 Prohibited Substances (point 1.1 any substance capable at any time causing an action or effect, or both an action and effect, within one or more of the following mammalian body systems) we are advised by the British Horseracing Authority that they regard Aloeride as containing a prohibited substance, in so far that it can be used in training but must be withdrawn before racing and not used on racedays – like every other substance that is not standard feed and water. With regards to Withdrawal Time and Detection Time we can but advise customers to use common sense.

Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI)

Aloe vera is not mentioned in the prohibited substances list produced by FEI, you can double check this by entering ‘aloe vera’ in their Classification Of A Substance web page.