Aloeride aloe vera for horses

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Enjoy the best in Aloe Vera for you and your horse

Soil Association certified Aloeride to be organic aloe vera.

We love helping you! Aloeride is exceptional amidst the mountain of products that have aloe vera on their label. We do much more than helping you to the proven best, Soil Association certified organic aloe vera and making it more affordable.  We help you deploy Aloeride aloe vera in the most effective way. Advice that helps you feel tons better.

Horse & Hound magazine named Aloeride as one of their 2015 Best of British products. We are absolutely delighted by this and not a little bit proud of it too!  As specialists in aloe vera for horses, we help horse owners to a unique feed supplement and to a fresh approach for equine issues. Aloeride aloe vera helps your horse thrive which usually translates into you having greater enjoyment and more success. Come and have a look what horse owners use Aloeride for.