Heavy Metal Detoxification

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Sciencedirect: Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology Volume 54, July 2019, Pages 226-231

If you need heavy metal detoxification then Humicin is the safest way to achieve this properly. You simply ingest two tiny vegetarian capsules away from meals once a day and for long enough. Made with patented manufacturing technology using world-renowned Hungarian humic and fulvic deposits, Humicin removes divalent heavy metal ions from where they should not be. Very high affinity pulls heavy metals off their binding sites, now they are bound to Humicin so strongly that they cannot break loose, this is how they are escorted out of your body to leave via urine and faeces. In a nutshell that’s how Humicin Pure works.

By removing heavy metals, you enable health-promoting cations to once again occupy their positions. One jar contains 60 tiny vegetarian capsules. Humicin Pure is a key step in heavy metal detox and we suggest a dietary review for heavy metal intake woud be wise also.

How is heavy metal toxicity treated

In your body heavy metals are stored in fats, in all fats but most importantly in fats surrounding neurological cells (nerves and brain). Heavy metals also accumulate in the biofilm in your gut. Heavy metal toxicity is cured by capturing heavy metals and deporting them from your system. This oral method you can use at home and independently of a medical doctor.

Where does heavy metal toxicity come from?

Lead, cadmium, arsenicum and methyl mercury are widespread and persistent in our environments. Lead and cadmium are associated with numerous health outcomes even at low levels of exposure. Effective and safe heavy metal detox can be a game changer for anyone with neurodegenerative disease. The beauty of Humicin is that it escorts heavy metals out of the body and does this safely.


Given that heavy metals reside in lipids, you will not be surprised to find research papers with titles such as “patient with mild dementia a high incidence level of metal heavy as predictive reversal of cognitive decline”, “Heavy metals (Pb, Cd, As and MeHg) as risk factors for cognitive dysfunction”, “myelin breakdown: a developmental model of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease”… Published in Biometals 2012 Jun;25(3):569-76. doi: 10.1007/s10534-012-9537-7 “patient with Multiple Sclerosis displayed elevated levels of aluminium, lead and mercury in the urine. Under treatment with heavy metal detoxification, the patient revealed in time improved symptoms suggestive of MS remission.”

The University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine Department of Physiology and Biophysics demonstrated how Mercury ions alter cell membrane structure of developing neurons (Hg binds to the GTP binding site on β subunit of tubulin molecules, this destroys microtubulin, this leaves behind denuded neurofibrils, these form tangles). More recent research confirms that bivalent Mercury promotes the in-vitro aggregation of tau fragments (tangles) corresponding to the second repeat of microtubule-binding domain.

Heavy metal toxicity autism and adhd

Levels of cadmium, lead, antimony, arsenic and the essential mineral manganese, measured in maternal blood during pregnancy, were associated with increased risk of ADHD and/or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the child. A precautionary detox may be appropriate for a mother to be. Humicin is a sensible inclusion in a comprehensive approach for managing ASD or ADHD.

Testing for heavy metal burden

To test your heavy metal burden at the start of a detox, or to monitor your excretion during a heavy metal detox, you can buy a reliable test from Biolab London (use Doctor’s Data if you’re in the US). They offer a Toxic Elements screen using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) for 20 nutritional and toxic elements including (aluminium, antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, lead, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, selenium, thallium, tin and zinc). Obviously mineral containing nutritional supplements must not be ingested for 24 hours prior to commencing your urine sample collection.