Heavy Metal Detoxification

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Hazardous heavy metals contamination of vegetables and food chainHumicin® is the best and safest form of heavy metal detoxification. Simply ingest two tiny vegetarian capsules away from meals, once a day. All Humicin® products are made with patented manufacturing technology using world-renowned Hungarian humic and fulvic deposits. Humicin® removes divalent heavy metal ions from where they shouldn’t be. Thus enabling health-promoting cations to occupy those positions once again. This unique binding affinity is why Humicin® is the gold standard in heavy metal detoxification. One jar contains 60 tiny vegetarian capsules. Humicin® Pure is your primary step in detox, Humicin® Multimineral offers a maintenance approach.

Effective and safe heavy metal detox can be a game changer for anyone with neurodegenerative disease. Why? The heavy metals lead, cadmium, arsenicum and methyl mercury are widespread and persistent in our environments. Once persons are exposed to these metals, they are adept at entering cells and reaching the brain. Lead and cadmium are associated with numerous health outcomes even at low levels of exposure.

Unsurprisingly research papers have title such as “patient with mild dementia a high incidence level of metal heavy as predictive reversal of cognitive decline”, “Heavy metals (Pb, Cd, As and MeHg) as risk factors for cognitive dysfunction”, “myelin breakdown: a developmental model of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease”… Published in Biometals 2012 Jun;25(3):569-76. doi: 10.1007/s10534-012-9537-7 “patient with Multiple Sclerosis displayed elevated levels of aluminium, lead and mercury in the urine. Under treatment with heavy metal detoxification, the patient revealed in time improved symptoms suggestive of MS remission.”