Aloeride Products Distributor

Aloeride Products Distributor

It is fantastic that you want to distribute Aloeride aloe vera and/or some of the other products that we produce. We warmly welcome commercially active people. Meaning that you may have a brick & mortar shop or an e-commerce website or a livery yard, are a Coach, a Healthcare Provider or a Farrier… Let us know via the below form what it is that you do and what you expect your commercial scope to be. If you qualify to be an Aloeride Products Distributor, then you will be emailed your personalised coupon code(s) so that you can order below SKUs online in your own time. Alternatively, you can ring us and we’ll raise an invoice for you which you then can pay via BACS.

Distribution Enquiry


Retail Margins

If you qualify to become an Aloeride Products Distributor, we will email you the Retail margin for each product that you are interested in. Kindly note that manufacturers cannot, and we do not, dictate to Retailers what the RRP of a product should be. Aloeride Equine may be delivered with some leaflets in your parcel and we are working on leaflets for Aloeride Extra Strong. Shops often do not want leaflets where as a Livery Yard or a Healthcare Provider may be interested in handing such out. If you would rather talk about distribution, then feel free to ring us on +44 (0)1858 464550.

Our Promise

We uphold the best possible standard of cultivation, harvesting, processing and manufacture. Aloeride is organic certified by the Soil Association and our production method was co-designed by the late world authority on aloe vera Dr Danhof. Our Para Rizols are produced for us by a Registered Pharmacy to original formulations. Our Omani Royal Al-Hajori Boswellia Sacra is 100% organic and is grown and produced to the best possible standards. Our Humicin Pure is of unrivalled quality within the humic and fulvic acid category, Han has known the formulator for some 30 years. We endeavour to maintain good stock levels always. We dispatch orders placed before 12-noon that same working day, we dispatch orders placed after 12-noon on the following working day. Royal Mail Click & Drop emails you the tracking details. We are very easy to talk to so, if you have a question, do ring! We love it that you want to be an Aloeride products distributor. Thanks!