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More Nutrients

You need optimal nutrition for optimal performance, enough of the right fuel in your tank to make a successful journey. As you may have guessed, more nutrients means raw food nutrients in addition to a diet that is right for you. More nutrients is not a product, it’s one of seven clever DIY moves you can make to improve and maintain good health, that’s what our approach is all about.

Particularly with micro-nutrients, if you body doesn’t have enough, then it is forced to borrow from Peter to pay Paul i.e. prioritise one nutrient-dependent function over another. This is useful, functional  adaptation for when scarcity is incidental. Your body prioritises what is most necessary to its survival… however, another function thus slows down until nutritional resources become sufficient again for both to run. If your micro-nutrient levels are such that you permanently borrow from Peter to pay Paul, then there will  be trouble ahead.

Han van de Braak

The dietary error with micro-nutrients is that most people simply do not ingest enough of them. The most common error with macro-nutrients is the proportions and types of protein, carbs and fats. The most pervasive dietary error is our total sugar load.

When should you smoothie, when juice, and when might you be doing both? As a maximum intake, three pints a day of clever smoothies are usually fine. For a greater intake, like you need to do with the Dr. Max Gerson MD approach, you must juice beyond those three pints of clever smoothies. You risk ingesting too much fibre if you would ingest a larger quantity of smoothies and this is not clever. Top up with any amount of raw vegetable, fruit, grapes, berries as freshly made juice. There’s lots of information on the internet, yards of books on diet or nutrition in the library. Doesn’t it just become time consuming, complicated and not a little frustrating because one book says this and a web page says that. For over thirty four years Han van de Braak BSc LicAc MCSP MBAcC (Retd) has advocated raw foods but he has seen patients start this and stop it (and not because it didn’t help). The key to successfully implementing ‘more nutrients’ is to apply the 80/20 rule and keep it doable and affordable:

Ingredient Why it goes in to help you Cost
Probiotic liquid Promotes absorption, digestion and immune system Negligible if DIY
Aloeride Promotes absorption, digestion, immune system; has unique spectrum of nutrients Multipack discounts
Clean raw vegetables More nutrients and antioxidants Cheapest at market
Clean ripe fruits More nutrients and antioxidants Cheapest at market
Herbs and/or Spices Unique nutrients and antioxidants Low

Some people really love the health benefits of raw food nutrients but they’re so busy that they simply cannot cram making juicing or smoothies into their schedule. At Aloeride HQ we’ve gone through phases like that many a time! For a few decades now, the van de Braak family has taken Juice Plus Premium (for stress-exposed mum and dad) and Juice Plus (consequently no orthodontic braces, no caries, happier hormones, better school results and very healthy daughters). The Juice Plus Premium is in addition to a thoughtful, healthy diet with very regularly clever smoothies added to it. The Aloeride Extra Strong aloe vera helps nutrient uptake in your gut and the Women’s Multi Essentials delivers a particularly useful nutrient boost for busy women.

Han gives you an example of a clever smoothie