Our Approach

Our wish is for you to make the biggest strides forward in health, and get the best possible result out of Aloeride Extra Strong. You see, beyond making the best in aloe vera as affordable as possible, we help you with sensible, contextual use. We talk about the advice Han van de Braak BSc LicAc MCSP MBAcC (Retd) gave professionally and uses for his own family. So you get a feel for easy steps that make the big strides… Our approach in this website outlines the approach that Han took (and still takes) beyond the physical clinical duties.

“I work to an old but ever valid principle in Medicine ‘Locus Minoris Resistentiae’ (the popular phrase ‘the weakest link’ isn’t far off). Meaning that your chance of happiness and good health is greater when you fuel your innate strength and resistance to bugs; when you find, know and nurture your talents; when you find, know and pursue your passion.”

“Particularly with micro-nutrients, if your body doesn’t get enough, then you force it to borrow from Peter in order to pay Paul i.e. prioritise one nutrient-dependent function over another nutrient-dependent function. This is functional adaptation for when scarcity is incidental but, if your micro-nutrient levels are such that you almost permanently borrow from Peter to pay Paul, then predictable your health will suffer.”

Han van de Braak BSc LicAc MCSP MBAcC (Retd.)

In the province of food supplements, all too often emphasis is put on detail whilst the big picture is overlooked. That’s how battles may be won yet wars are lost. Notwithstanding the obvious importance of detail, our approach encourages you to put the big lines in place first, their synchronicity helps you grow a healthier, happier you. For all of the below you can find research aplenty in PubMed.

Our Approach

  • Get your gut working as best as possible, not just to increase your level of comfort but to try and give you the best possible uptake of nutrients (both of which help your immune competence). So that’s a discussion about natural probiotics and/or one of the Probion options teamed up with Aloeride, gut sanitation with for instance Para-Rizol, and of course not self-sabotaging this by eating stuff that isn’t nutritious or diminishes gut health. I’m no food nazi, we too like the incidental McDonalds or a soggy Mars bar with Fanta when we’re out sailing. Our daily trend is healthy and varied though, make that your daily trend also. Your gut flora (the microbiome and the biofilm) is affected i.e. changed by food variety, exercise and mental-emotional state. Some digestive tract conditions respond extremely well to safely-accelerated wound healing and that is where Aloeride is a blessing. One such example is diverticular disease, click here to read the advise that I used to give to my patients.
  • Give your body an abundance of (micro)nutrients, so it doesn’t have to borrow nutrients from Peter to pay Paul e.g. you can build yourself a fuller ‘set’ of hormones and enzymes. Most bodies are burdened by excess carbs/lipids. I have yet to meet a patient who overdosed on vitamins or minerals. What foods suit you greatly depends on your ability to digest food, so you’re back at my previous point. Be mindful to limit your total calorie load. Beyond preparation (probiotics aloeride sanitation), clever smoothies (i.e. vitamins/minerals) helps an enormous amount to fuel you up to go far and fulfil your dreams and ambitions. I am much in favour of the Juice Plus Premium supplement which gives you dehydrated vegetables, fruits, grapes and berries in addition to your diet.
  • Once you’re fired up, you’re empowered to go… but where to? Now you need to create clarity, find direction, make your journey and here’s the thing, when you’re stressed up top then (via the gut-brain-axis) you hinder the development of a healthy gut microbiome (bowel flora) down under. Not a lot of people know that, so our context includes helping you achieve proper relaxation. Few people will drive far on an empty tank, so start by fueling yourself up via the two tips above. My article Personal Growth One Step At A Time is a useful exercise that I do with patients who need this.
  • Modern life mostly happens indoors, has too little joyful exercise, has too little stillness, has too little sleep. We hope to help you make a positive choice: take small do-able steps, see big changes.
  • Pollution… well, fortunately for most substances there are pathways of detoxification, these use up nutrients which is no great worry if you have a proper nutritional abundance, not so clever when you don’t. For some substances there aren’t any pathways (or existing pathways are overburdened), so they accumulate in your body and disrupt health. Some pollution is age related, e.g. Aluminium isn’t excreted in the very young because their kidneys aren’t fully developed yet, same goes for older people because of reduced kidney function. Some pollution is food hygiene gone AWOL. Some toxins are with you 24/7, like Mercury amalgam or (via your own biochemistry) self loathing or suppressed anger. The bottom line is, reduce your total toxic load… and that starts with all of the above!