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Proven Premium Quality

Soil Association Certified Organic Aloeride aloe veraAloeride Proven Premium Quality in a nutshell: Aloeride is made from organically grown aloe vera barbadensis miller which is the most nutrient dense of all aloe vera species. Swift and clean hand-harvesting. The processing method used for Aloeride is co-designed by Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr. Ivan E Danhof MD PhD who is acknowledged as a world-leading authority on aloe vera. If Danhof deems this the best way to do it, then, in our view, who is qualified to disagree? A British pharmaceutical clinical trial company puts this 100% natural product together i.e. unrivalled quality control. The Soil Association overlooks the whole process and multiple, independent laboratories test Aloeride as part of our ongoing quality control. We make this very premium aloe vera as affordable as possible. This means selling at £4.60/litre (before discounts) as compared to a multilevel marketing company at £21.62/litre. We don’t have expensive offices, we don’t finance a multilevel marketing pyramid, we don’t have much staff, we don’t transport liquid aloe, we don’t have a big marketing budget, we don’t seek nor make a rapacious profit. And yet we have a steadily growing, worldwide loyal customer base. We invite you to join them.

There aren’t a lot of aloe vera products on the market for horses, certainly not as a feed supplement. Between the few aloe vera products fed to horses there are very big differences and some you’d never know about from either label or from sales talk. Your horse is worth you knowing what’s behind the label, so, for an objective view on proven premium quality, unadulterated product samples of Aloeride, Aloequine, Barrier Animal Healthcare Pure Aloe Vera Juice, Forever Living Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel and Hilton Herbs Aloe Vera were presented for independent measurement by an accredited laboratory equipped for industry standard evaluation of aloe vera. The laboratory bill amounted to US$2,950 which is why we don’t have this done regularly on competitor products. The information shared with you below is valuable in more ways than one…


A first and simplest comparison is price per litre. Look at the bottom line (cheapest packaging of Product 2a comes in 3.785 litres, cheapest of 3b and 5h come in 5 litres, cheapest of 4f comes in 1 litre):

Aloeride Product 2a Product 3b Product 4f Product 5h
12 litres optimised to 30 palatable powder sachets per carton 12 litres = 3.17 x (3.785 litres @ £35.00) 12 litres = 2.4 x (5 litres @ £37.76) 12 litres = 12 x (1 litre @ £21.62) 12 litres = 2.4 x (5 litres @ £63.00)
£55.20 (£41.40 if you buy 12 cartons) £110.95 £90.63 £259.44 £151.20
Nutritional Density: 5.31 x fewer nutrients 23.4 x fewer nutrients 3.23 x fewer nutrients 2.39 x fewer nutrients
4,680 mg/L 880 mg/L 200 mg/L 1,450 mg/L 1,960 mg/L
£4.60 (£3.45 in you buy 12 cartons) per litre £9.25 per litre £7.55 per litre £21.62 per litre £12.60 per litre
We can supply you with a multi-laboratory proven better aloe vera at vastly deflated cost because we don’t have expensive offices, we don’t finance a multilevel marketing pyramid, we don’t have much staff, we don’t transport liquid aloe, and we don’t seek rapacious profit.

As you can see, five different companies all started with 12 litres (albeit very differing in aloe vera quality) and each company presents this as a consumer product with a price. Aloeride gives you best value for money for price per liter. Product 4f for instance was used by Dr. Peter Green BVSc, CertEO, MRVCS at manufacturer recommended rate of 240mL/day. So 1 litre of 4f lasts 4.17 days, 12 litres lasts 50 days = £4.99/horse/day. By comparison Aloeride lasts 30 days = £1.84/horse/day (that is even before our multi-carton discounts). Sure enough, if independent distributors for 4f buy significant wholesale, they may get up to 35% discount which drops their cost to £3.24/horse/day, compare that to our 12 carton offer (£1.38/horse/day)… Stud Farms and Racing Stables buy Aloeride aloe vera wholesale directly from us because, at a modest purchase volume of 36 cartons (best before date 3yrs from manufacture), it makes Aloeride the absolute winning favourite.

Nutrient Content

Beyond much money saved, the difference between products becomes bigger still when you look at how many working solids/litre they contain. These are the molecules that are responsible for the beneficial effect of aloe vera. For that is an industry-standard measurement of its ‘Oomph’, the precise term for that being methanol-precipitated solids (MeOHPS) which quantifies aloe’s magic polysaccharides.
Our benchmark MeOH precipitated solids is 4,680 mg/L, in 2013 production #023398 achieved 5,880 mg/L with still a good representation in all polysaccharide lengths. These independently measured mg/L values show that Aloeride gives your horse significantly more nutrient content than other aloe vera products do. Product 3b contains 23.4x less working solids, that is a VERY big difference but you’d never know this from their label or from their marketing material. Next, the quantity of working molecules must relate to your horse’s body mass and that is precisely what Aloeride does with 2,000mg/sachet (this equates to 400 millilitres).

Nutrient Spectrum

With the working solids per litre comparison alone you’re not quite there yet, as beyond quantity  of polysaccharides, each polysaccharide length ‘conducts’ a different effect. So now look at how the length spectrum compares:

Product MS/TS MeOHPS 2.0×106 1.0×106 4.80x5 6.60×104 Sml Da
Aloeride 31.88% 4680 0.36% 0.93% 4.22% 28.87% 65.61%
Product 4f1 3.65% 1800 0.05% 1.00% 6.41% 7.02% 85.53%
Product 4f2011 0.145% 1450 0.00% 0.00% 31.78% 8.09% 60.13%

This table shows the various lengths of β-linked polysaccharide chains, each conducts a different function. MS/TS is an industry standard measurement of purity and the higher the score, the purer the aloe vera. Aloeride scores highest. We had Product 4f tested several times over the years and, as you can see, liquid aloe vera gel doesn’t provide per se – as wrongly assumed by independent aloe vera gel distributors – a full spectrum. Product 4f is marketed as ‘100% pure aloe vera gel’ which is considerable marketing spin on their 3.65% and 0.145% score for industry standard measurement for purity. Aloeride is the only Soil Association certified organic aloe vera horse feed supplement.

We believe that the above comparison is a matter of public interest and constitutes fair comment without malice. We believe that empowering people to make an informed choice is good. All measurements within our website are factual and are quoted verbatim from the reports we receive from accredited, independent laboratories and we retain such supporting evidence to justify that the statistics are representative of the characteristics of the products relevant for a proper comparison. Outcomes are masked because of comparative advertising, product disparagement and trademark constraints.