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Product information: Aloeride is a specialist, whole leaf aloe vera food supplement that uniquely 100% conforms to the definition of ‘best aloe’ (see below in green) as defined by the late Consultant Gastroenterologist and internationally renowned aloe vera expert Dr. Ivan Danhof MD PhD. We make Aloeride very much more affordable than lesser aloe vera products are. If you cannot find your question fully answered within the below product information or website, then please get in contact with us because we would love to help.

The best aloe is a preparation which maximizes the desired constituents, minimizes any ingredient with negative effects, maintains the constituents in an unaltered and active form, preserves the actions and benefits, and is present in the final product in amounts which, indeed, can bring about the desired result when the product is used as recommended. Dr. Ivan E. Danhof MD PhD

More aloe vera molecules:

Aloeride Extra Strong gives you vastly more of the nutrients that are responsible for the magic of aloe vera. Meaning that it has more oomph. This is because 1) we grow the most nutrient-dense species (Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller) under optimal, certified-organic conditions, 2) plants leaves are manually-harvested quickly, 3) the processing method used for Aloeride is co-designed by Dr Danhof. If he deems this the best way to do it, then, in my view, who is qualified to disagree? 4) A British pharmaceutical clinical trial company ensures unrivalled quality control for a 100% natural, pure product. Multiple, independent British, American and German laboratories laboratories confirm this quality and you too may find these test results an eye opener . A job worth doing is worth doing very well, it’s as simple as that. Kindly note that a product label can state ‘aloe vera’ but often customers are none the wiser whether or not this is aloe vera ferox or aloe vera aborescens (both way less nutrient dense) or the species that we provide.  Have a read of When aloe vera is only present on the label if you think this is an exaggeration.

Meaningful dosage:

Aloeride Extra Strong optimises all the goodness of 2.4 litres of original aloe vera juice into 28 vegetarian capsules per pack. One serving (vegetarian capsule) is a generous amount to cover the average available binding spaces in the adult gut. We corresponded with Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr. Ivan E. Danhof PhD MD about this (next to a medical doctor he also is one of the foremost authorities on aloe vera) so you can rest assured that we got this spot on. You can take multiple servings throughout a day if necessary. The coni-snap capsules open and close easily should part of the powder content be required per serving.

Non latex aloe vera:

For certain people, notably those with digestive disorders (e.g. IBD, SUDD, IBS), it is crucial to know that the laxative molecules in aloe vera have been removed from Aloeride Extra Strong. Thus you get all the molecules that help but effectively none of the molecules that hinder and would aggravate diarrhoea. Those with constipation could benefit enormously from reading our detailed advice leaflet on constipation in adults and children.

Totally pure:

Aloeride Extra Strong is kept totally pure so there is nothing to adversely react to: no additives, no flavourings, no colourings, no stabilisers. The industry standard measurement of aloe vera purity in Aloeride scores very significantly better than well-known aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice on the market. During production, our powder flows into its vegetarian capsules thanks to Aerosil® 200 Pharma which is the pinnacle in fully inert (i.e. no interaction with your body) colloidal silicon dioxide. That is why it doesn’t detract from the independent laboratory verified purity of Aloeride. For fullness of information, Dr. Danhof told me that some manufactures add konjac root to their aloe so as to bump up (cheaply!) the methanol-precipitated solids value. So the ‘number value’ goes up but the customer doesn’t get all aloe vera! Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery.

Much easier to use:

Aloeride Extra Strong shields you from the unpleasant taste of aloe vera juice (aloe vera gel) because it is a pure powder inside a vegetarian capsule. Great news for children and adults alike! Take a swig of water to wet the mouth, put the vegicapsule in your mouth, now swallow this with another swig of water, then drink the rest of the glass of water. You won’t need a fridge to store Aloeride in either, that said, if you buy a six pack then you may wish to store the five-not-yet-in-use-packs in a fridge especially if you’re in a hot (humid) country.

Soil Association Certified Organic:

Soil Association Certified Organic Aloeride aloe veraAloeride Extra Strong is certified organic by the Soil Association. Their meticulous standards are part of our quality control so you can feel assured that an independent, international official body approves of Aloeride.

Beautiful value for money:

The proven unique quality of Aloeride Extra Strong is sold at a price so that pretty much everybody can afford it. Most of our customers buy the six pack which gives you 20% loyalty discounts as well as worldwide free shipping.

We help you:

We are a very personable company, friendly and knowledgable too. We give you free, properly useful advice such as in the advisory page for Diverticula Disease. You can come to us with questions any time and we will always do our utmost to help and to make you happy. Just drop us an email or give us a call on 01858 464550 (Intl. 0044 1858 464550).

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