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It is our pleasure and privilege to help horses and people. In our Shop you will find products of outstanding quality, including the Aloeride that we make. Under the header tab Horses or Humans you will find lots of qualified advice and useful tips.

Trusted help for performance horses

Do you want more from your horses? As true specialists in aloe vera for horses, we help you add value to them. Horse & Hound named Aloeride one of the Best of British products.

It gives us great pleasure to help you to sensible advice on exemplary quality, natural remedies. We do this in the context of what we know from medical research. Our shop offers remedies made to the highest standards.

Feeding Optimal Nutrition

Aloeride provides a uniquely broad spectrum of nutrients in a unique dosage + Aloeride boosts the uptake of regular feed. David Futter at Yorton Farm Stud, Britain’s fastest growing National Hunt breeding operation, has fed his roster of stallions Aloeride since 2014.

For candida overgrowth (dysbiosis, candidiasis, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, SIBO) few natural remedies are as interesting as Para Rizol (notably Zeta). Our customers receive useful after-purchase advice.

Strong Thoroughbred Hooves

Pretty much without exception, all Thoroughbred Racehorses on the Aloeride have grown strong hooves and healthy feet. It is very cost effective because Aloeride helps so much more...

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Awesome aloe vera for Horses and People

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The benefits of aloe vera capsules

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Aloeride Best British Aloe Vera by far

We produce Aloeride aloe vera which is a palatable aloe vera powder product (in vegetarian capsules for people and in sachets for horses). Not only does this mean that you bypass the unpleasant taste of aloe vera gel, but this allows us to concentrate aloe vera’s natural benefits. Aloeride packs a hugely bigger punch than aloe vera juice does: independent laboratories measured Aloeride to have up to 23.4 times greater nutritional density than other aloe vera products, yet Aloeride costs up to 4.7 times less than other aloe vera. That is even before you choose your discount and us paying the worldwide postage when you buy the six pack or six carton offer. Being Soil Association Certified Organic, Aloeride aloe vera is suitable for vegetarian, vegan, kosher כשר and halal حلال ways of living.

We are resellers for products that proved successful in our MD’s clinical practice. Para Rizol helps you via the same mechanism that plants use to fight off parasitic, bacterial, viral or fungal infection. For candida overgrowth (dysbiosis, candidiasis, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, SIBO) few natural remedies are as interesting as Para Rizol (notably Para Rizol Zeta). Boswellia Sacra Frankincense the purest olibanum that you can use by mouth in battles for health. Boswellia Sacra has more valued properties than Boswellia Serrata and Boswellia Carterii do. Ours is grown in Oman in the traditional organic way. We offer you a buy 5 get 1 free option because compassion goes a long way. Depyrrol is a propitiatory formulation of vitamins and minerals. Depyrrol is not just for HPU/KPU and Pyrrolics, improvement of fatigue and improvement of psychological issues make notably the Depyrrol Plus a very useful adjunct help for young adults. Viburcol Suppositories is a complex homeopathic remedy that proved a godsend to our MD’s and many of his patients’ families. It is natural calmative for restless infants and children, when they have a common cold, struggle with teething, have a mild fever or a mild (upper respiratory) infection. No side effects. Probiotics boost healthy gut bacteria whilst Aloeride promotes good gut bacteria to grow faster, so Probiotics/Aloeride/Optimum Nutrition (see our clever smoothies) are effective steps towards becoming healthy and staying healthy.