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Aloeride aloe vera Soil Association certified organic If you want a sunburn protection buffer and sunburn aftercare and you are concerned about oxybenzone (and avobenzone, octocrylene, ecamsule) in human breast milk, amniotic fluid, urine and bloodstream as a result of using sunscreen [Source: Dr. David Strauss MD PhD – FDA’s Director of the Division of Applied Regulatory Science, Journal of the American Medical Association, May 6, 2019] then read on! Although these type of molecules absorb ultraviolet radiation by converting it into heat, these chemical rings may disrupt normal hormones. Wiser than just putting lotions on the outside, may be to fuel your body with nutrients that are long-known to help your skin. Aloe vera got its accolade ‘burn plant’ for good reason, its molecules can reduce the discomfort of over-exposed skin and safely speed up natural repair. Aloeride comes in easy, vegetarian capsules that fit in every suitcase.

Empirical Evidence

Alastair, our very first marketing freelancer, was a red head who for years had refused to take his family away from England on summer holidays for fear of sunburn. At one point his wife and family’persuaded’ him to go to Cyprus where he sat under a parasol,  covered in sun factor 300 and yet he still got sunburnt…  As his first summer working for us approached, we gave Alastair plenty of Aloeride Extra Strong and off to Cyprus he went. It was the first time he didn’t sizzle. Alastair even went as far as venturing out onto the beach on a windy day (the time you don’t readily notice that you burn). He didn’t burn and, coming back to England, his skin didn’t immediately peal but instead his tanned appearance stayed with him for weeks. He received many compliments about his tan! Aloeride Extra Strong made a big change to how much he enjoyed his holiday and his family enjoyed him.

Aloeride for sunburn Of course you’ve heard the stories about lying on a beach in Barbados where a friendly man goes ’round the crimson bodies offering to rub aloe vera onto them for a good few dollars. With Aloeride Extra Strong you have a portable servant that boosts your body with aloe vera molecules that help your skin from-the-inside-out  bounce back better from sunlight exposure. This is more potent, you are in control of dosage, it is clean and it is safe even for your children. Ingested latex-free aloe vera supports your skin as well as your digestion which may come in handy with foreign foods, different oils, different spices. For some, air travel alone is enough to upset their No#2, so Aloeride’s additional support for that department doesn’t go amiss.

The trick with young children is to make swallowing a vegicapsule fun. Ask them to take a swig of water first (to wet their mouth), you put a capsule on their tongue and they swallow it down with plenty more water. It’s a game of torpedoes that make you play tennis like Roger Federer for boys. Our daughters never needed such encouragement but I am sure that the promise of beautiful curly hair may just do it. Parental improvisation… Han van de Braak (father of two)

Aloeride loves going on holiday

How the natives handle the sunlight A big probem with ‘foreign’ sunshine is that we don’t have time to adapt. From working inside buildings we fly out, jump into our cossies and on the beach we go… this sudden onslaught of UV light on our unprepared epidermis, is not healthy and helping your skin to bounce back is very sensible. Sunshine dehydrates your skin, bombards it with photons that create free radicals and then there’s sunburn. Without enough defences, if the onslaught is big enough, if it lasts long enough, if it happens often enough… DNA inside your cells may get damaged. Note that those free radicals take the elasticity out of support tissue like collagen (i.e. your deep tan may look good now but you could be paying your dues in wrinkles later).

Take note of how the natives handle the sunlight. In Spain or Mexico almost everybody holds a siesta in the shade during the hottest time of the day. In France or Italy during that time most people have lunch on a terrace under huge parasols. So, when the sun is at it highest position in the sky, get out of the sunlight or at least cover yourself up. No mad dogs and Englishmen… Nothing safely stops sunburn other than you being sensible, this includes shade, sun factor lotion and Aloeride to increase your skin’s resilience and bounce-back. When you pack your Aloeride in a suitcase, please take care not to perforate the blister foil. Happy holidays!!


Once you are sunburnt the damage is done, there is no quick-fix sunburn treatment, it may take several days or more for skin to begin to heal. Frequently disperse the heat, soak in a cool but not cold bath to which you may add a large quantity of calendula, black or green tea; alternatively just have a cooling but not cold shower. Ideally just let the water evaporate off you, you drying only takes a little longer and it goes without saying that any towelling should be no more than carefully dabbing a towel onto the burnt skin. Keep on drinking water regularly to rehydrate yourself (in tropical countries you’ll probably be taking salt tablets also). Take 500 to 1000 milligrams of paracetamol if you’re not allergic to that, do not give children or teenagers aspirin (this may cause Reye’s syndrome which is potentially fatal). Never ice the burns as ice may stick to your skin and cause further injury to already damaged skin. Never use oil-based products on burns as these stop the pores from breathing. If you have blistering of the skin then do leave these blisters intact, prevent a secondary infection by keeping the area clean. When the blistered area is bigger than one entire arm or the whole abdomen then seek medical attention. Burns of the face and neck can sometimes swell enough to cause difficulty with breathing, in such cases seek medical attention. Burns that completely circle the hands or feet may cause such severe swelling that blood flow is restricted. If swollen or tight hands and feet become numb and tingly, blue, cold, or ‘fall asleep’ seek medical attention.

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