Boswellia Sacra 10ml Frankincense the purest olibanum you can use by mouth in battles for health

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It is a wise move to add Boswellia Sacra Frankincense oil to a robust natural health approach especially when cells run amok and your immune system struggles to remove the aberrations. Boswellia essential oil is very well-researched and is known to give far reaching health benefits. The Boswellia Sacra Frankincense oil we like particularly is of such a high purity that you can take it orally. We understand that many people use Boswellia for longer periods of time, so we help you by offering discounts. Our Boswellia Sacra 10ml Frankincense the purest olibanum you can use by mouth in battles for health.


It is a wise move to add Boswellia Sacra Frankincense oil to a robust natural health approach especially when cells run amok and your immune system struggles to remove the aberrations. Boswellia essential oil is very well-researched and is known to give far reaching health benefits. The Boswellia Sacra Frankincense oil we like particularly is of such a high purity that you can take it orally. We understand that many people use Boswellia for longer periods of time, so we help you by giving you £12.51 discount when you buy 3 bottles per order (i.e. in our shopping cart change Qty to 3). Set your order Qty to 6 to make 1 bottle FREE of charge! Our Boswellia Sacra 10ml Frankincense the purest olibanum you can use by mouth in battles for health.

The six Boswellic acids: 11-keto-β-boswellic acid, α-boswellic acid, β-boswellic acid and their three 3-O-acylated derivatives (3-O-acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid known as AKBA is the most important and effective acid among them inhibiting 5-lipoxygenase, which is responsible for inflammation) are the typical ingredients in Frankincense from Boswellia Sacra, Boswellia Carterrii and Boswellia Serrata, but these compounds are not found in Boswellia Frereana – caveat emptor and also note that not all Frankincense oil brands are made for internal use! Ours is. Monoterpenes (97.3%) and sesquiterpenes (2.7%) are the most valuable constituents in Frankincense oil, both can cross the placenta (i.e. do not use when pregnant!) but only sesquiterpenes can go beyond the blood-brain barrier and support the limbic system, hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands.

According to the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, the fragrance of frankincense activates poorly understood ion channels in the brain to alleviate anxiety or depression. Hardly surprising as frankincense has been used in religious rituals since antiquity to increase the likelihood of spiritual connection.

The finest and most highly prized frankincense resin is produced by the Boswellia Sacra species. Ours originates from Oman because its geological and geographical conditions (warm winters, steady sun, limestone soil with deposits of calcium carbonate, cooling monsoon winds) provide the ideal conditions for the Boswellia Sacra trees to produce the finest resin in the world. Beyond passing organoleptic tests, our Boswellia Sacra Frankincense is measured for optical rotation using a polarimeter. Polarimetry results match the expected reference value and further quality control outcomes of this Boswellia Sacra Frankincense oil will be made available in due time.

The boswellia sacra oil we help you to is what is called ‘CO2 distilled’ or ‘CO2 extracted’. Two modern technologies for distilling essential oils at low temperatures are Carbon Dioxide and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide extraction. We use the CO2 extraction. Both methods involve the use of carbon dioxide as the ‘solvent’ which carries the essential oil away from the raw plant material (i.e. from Royal Houjri frankincense resins). The lower pressure CO2 extraction involves chilling carbon dioxide to between 35 and 55 degrees F, and pumping it through the plant material at 1000 psi. The carbon dioxide in this condition is condensed to a liquid. Like steam distillation, there are no solvent residues left behind, and the resultant product is perfectly pure. Like cold pressing, there is no heat applied to the plant material or essential oil to alter it in any way. The oil produced is very accurate with respect to the original state of the plant. CO2 distillation produces the most therapeutic essential oil for some plants, yet not others. It is highly beneficial for resins such as Frankincense and Myrrh, as more of the larger molecules – considered to have important healing properties – are brought into the essential oil.

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Essential oils are the distilled volatile aromatic constituents of plants or trees and are highly concentrated. One drop of essential oil may be equivalent to tens of cups of medicinal tea, so dosage pacing is essential especially when there’s a chance of allergic reaction (sensitive people) or when there’s a chance of significant die-off (Herxheimer detoxification overload).

Oral transmembrane (for adults): Most people ingest Boswellia Sacra frankincense essential oil undiluted (neat). Alternatively, you can mix it 1:1 with a carrier oil (examples below). Put 1 drop on a tea spoon (or 1:1 mixture) and put that on your tongue, leave it to ‘dissolve’ away, it tastes quite pleasant and will perfume your oronasal cavity for a surprisingly lengthy time. The dropper bottle allows the thin oil to flow very easily, so go gently. If you find it too difficult then buy a pipette dropper cap for a 5mL bottle from your pharmacist. Average dosage: over a period of 1 week build up from 1 drop 1x a day to 1 drop 3x a day, and note that only in the absence of digestive discomfort, Herxheimer or allergic reactions (e.g. contact dermatitis in sensitive individuals), you can progress to 2 drops 3x a day for a further week. If all goes well you can increase to 3, 4, 5 or more drops 3x a day depending on what you use Boswellia Sacra for. If you use Boswellia Sacra from a Ty Bollinger Truth About angle, then it is wise if not essential to use Frankincense in conjunction with a wider approach and to progress to a higher dosage swiftly.
Gut absorption: You can also ‘float’ essential oil in a small glass of water and take sips over a period of time, disadvantage being that some oil may go to waste by clinging to the glass and rancidification will occur if you leave it long enough (so don’t). Kindly note that, when you don’t hold the Boswellia Sacra in your mouth and instead swallow it immediately (suspended in water, juice or milk if you’re not sensitive to milk), the beneficial molecules are taken up via the gut and distributed via the bloodstream (i.e. just like food molecules). This perfectly fine for systemic problems and avoids sensitivity of the mouth from undiluted essential oil.

Transdermal (for children): You either rub frankincense essential oil on the neck area or on the soles of the feet (transdermal absorption is never as good as oral trans-membrane absorption but it’s safer in kids). Essential oils should never be applied neat (undiluted) to the skin because they can trigger allergic contact dermatitis (skin rash) in substance-sensitive children. Immediately before applying them, mix 1-2 drops of essential oil in 1-3 teaspoons of olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, or other skin-friendly oil. High dosage of essential oils can be neurotoxic to children and cause seizures, so don’t exceed 1-2 drops a day.

CAUTION: Boswellia oil must NOT be used by mouth during pregnancy, if you think you might be pregnant, or if you are considering getting pregnant. Boswellia extracts are metabolized in the liver and can alter the halftime of prescribed medication (e.g. aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, immune-modulators and sedatives). Boswellia extracts may cause gastrointestinal discomfort e.g. fullness, nausea, heartburn, abdominal pain. If you have gallstones or put a heavy burden on your liver (alcohol/stress/substance abuse) then be extra careful with dosage. Responsible pacing is the simple answer, as indeed would be reducing your alcohol/stress/substance abuse. In high dosage Boswellia can trigger unusual allergy that manifests itself in the form of chest pain, difficulty in breathing, swelling in different areas of the body and hives. If any of such symptoms appear after taking Boswellia oil, you should stop the use of supplement and immediately contact your doctor. Boswellia has blood thinning effects, and may increase the risk of abnormal bleeding in people with a bleeding disorder or taking anticoagulant medication.

Burning frankincense denatures the oils (same goes for oils locked in the resin crystals) and this is fine to create the wonderful aroma that may help spiritual connection, the aroma reportedly also helps to repel insects, but it does not exert any of the researched health benefits that are published in PubMed. So take Boswellia Sacra by mouth and at a pace that is appropriate to you.

At request, we can include a 2mL syringe FOC to your parcel in case the dropler in our bottle proves too tricky for drop by drop dosing. Carefully remove the dispensing top in the bottle. Pull the syringe plunger halfway up before syringing up a (few) drop(s) of oil into the tip. Now you can dispense drops onto a teaspoon and proceed as normal. By pushing the plunger down quickly, you blow any remaining oil in the tip back into the bottle. Carefully close the bottle with the screw top.

18 reviews for Boswellia Sacra 10ml Frankincense the purest olibanum you can use by mouth in battles for health

  1. Carol Smith

    I have used Frankincense daily for 2 years. I have Multiple Sclerosis and even though I continue to have exacerbation’s and scientifically should show new lesions on my brain. I have none and no lasting effects. I am holding steady now, and because of supplements I NO longer have a need for naps. It’s amazing the energy I now have compared to weeks in bed. I’m a walking miracle, why don’t my doctors believe in oils? The sacra oil is the best I have come across and in a totally different league compared to carterii.

  2. Umm Hassna

    Bonjour… Après avoir reçu ma commende je me suis dis “je ne vais commenter que qu’après avoir le produit sacra oil… Donc je ne vous cache pas que dés la première utilisation j’ai remarqué un changement qui semble être minuscule mais pour moi qui souffre d’une allergie j’ai trouvé ça génial surtout que la nuit j’ai du mal à dormir ..voilà donc en l’appliquant (voie oral voie cutané) mon allergie s’est atténuait 🙂 Autre chose, j’ai mixé quelques goutes de sacra oil avec de l’huile d’olive ou celle d’amande pour faire un bain d’huile pour les cheveux …résultat super ! Cheveux plus doux plus brillants et surtout, ça a un effet très relaxant lors de l’application, ça fait également pousser les cheveux mais bon je n’ai pas encore vu que les miens ont poussé vu que je lai essayé récemment … A vous d’en essayer je vous le recommande ! (un bon service de transport)

  3. Robin A. Stamm

    I specifically wanted Boswellia Sacra from Oman, and this is what I found. I’ve since ordered 2 more bottles. This stuff is wonderful for pretty much everything … it’s become a fascination for me to find out what else this stuff can help with. Everyone’s body is unique, so what I get from it might not be the same for you. But if you’re looking for a good therapeutic frankincense, this is a good one.

  4. Lyn Murray

    This is very soothing when applied to needed areas. I love the smell not at all medicinal smelling – at least not to me.

  5. Scando

    This oil smells divine, just like Boswellia should! I have been using Boswellia Carterii and switched to Sacra as I believe the Sacra is a more powerful oil. This particular brand is difficult to compare as there isn’t much by way of competition to compare, but it certainly smells and feels like it ought to and the price point is reasonable.

  6. Marguerite

    Hey is this the type of Frankincense that was mentioned in Ty Bollinger TTAC video series? If so, is this the dosage I should use? Thanks, Marguerite.

    • han

      Hello Marguerite, yes it is and working your way up to 3 drops 3x a day would be a good adult dosage. In all detox pacing is important and in the circumstances you refer to you MUST respect the pace a body can handle what Boswellia effects. Also don’t use it on its own, use it in context /our-approach/ and if TLS is an issue consider /coffee-enema/ All the best, Han.

  7. Sue Dermott

    Thank you for you attentive response.
    Kind regards, Sue Dermott

  8. Muniba

    Hello, I would like to buy this oil in hope it can help with my migrains. Do you think it could help?
    Kind regards from Maribor, Slovenia!
    P:S: I selected the rating, as I assume its excelent, and I couldn’t send my question otherwise.

    • Han

      Dear Muniba Busancic, thank you for your query and your rating 😉 Yes our Frankincense is absolutely excellent, the purest Boswellia Sacra oil we could find. In the absence of rigorous trials on Boswellia for migraines, there is only anecdotal and tiny study evidence. Chronic cluster headaches reportedly improved after taking Boswellia as did (strong Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory drug) indomethacin-responsive headaches. Even with prescribed medication one may find that one’s doctor prescribes verapamil only to change to topiramate because verapamil didn’t suit. Medicine is an Art as much as it is a Science. With prescribed only medication, there is ‘trial and error’ and ‘see how you get on with this’, the same goes for Boswellia Sacra in migraines. Kind regards, Han.

  9. Iskra Harle

    Good morning
    Recently I bought a bottle of Boswellia oil. Very impressed by the quality!

  10. wayne

    most of the boswellia I have seen is boswellia serrata then the boswellia carterii which smely great while the boswellia serrata smelt like a petro product could it be because maybe it was old ? Now foods sales boswellia carterii for $17.00 an ounce the serrata is much cheaper but is it a good ? I would like to try the sacra, but do not know where it get it at a reasonable price and at lease an ounce 30 ml not 10 or 15 ml I use it for knee pain and have tried so many other things including lotions with lidocaine HCl 20 t0 30 percent

    • Han

      Dear Wayne, you are on the look out for good and affordable Boswellia. You tried several that were not to your liking. As you can see from /product/boswellia-sacra-10ml-frankincense-you-can-use-by-mouth-for-health/, ours is an extremely pure boswellia sacra (known to be the best species within the frankincense tree families). Also, as you can see, we offer compassionate discounts on 3 bottles and then there’s the buy 5 get 1 free (set order Qty=6 and 1 bottle will not be charged for). I trust this satisfies your request for good quality + reasonable price. We have ample of stock and, if you place your order before midday, then it will be shipped on the same working day. Kind regards, Han.

  11. Stoyan

    Hello Han, My wife’s brother has been recently operated on Glioblastoma brain tumor. The surgeon has advised us about the use of Boswellia sacra frankincense oils as a treatment for glioblastoma together with Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy. So, would you like to inform us if your Boswellia Sacra 10ml Frankincense oil can be used as a treatment for glioblastoma?
    If so, how to use it in such a case? What is the dosage He should use? Do you have any clinical research and experience on the use of Boswellia Sacra 10ml Frankincense oil as a treatment for glioblastoma? Thanks for your prompt reply. Kind regards from Pazardzhik, Bulgaria!
    PS: I have selected the rating as I assume it is excellent and I couldn’t send my question otherwise.

    • Han

      Dear Stoyan, first of all my commiserations to and best wishes for your brother-in-law, thankfully operating was an option. Yes our boswellia is pure enough for this. Research has been done (as per hyperlink in this webpage) on generic boswellia sacra, we in turn make sure to sell the best available boswellia sacra. With meaningful clinical trials costing millions of Pounds Sterling, doing research specifically with this product is financially prohibitive. Dosage should be very progressive and I will send you separate advice about that. Kind regards, Han.

  12. Dawn

    Just a note to say I have been using the boswellia over the past four days and now my mouth is quite uncomfortable and sore.
    I wondered if you had any ideas of how I can take it without sore lips and tongue.
    I am only using 3 or 4 drops, morning and evening, as I was before I went away to Poland.
    It make a great difference to my pains and would like to continue taking it any suggestions?
    thanks Dawn

    • Han

      Dear Dawn, I had you on the phone a short while ago to talk this through. Essential oils are highly concentrated and, if there’s a local adverse reaction, then diluting the essential oil may be the way forward. So do the luke warm tea trick i.e. dilute 3 drops in a cup of tea which should ease the affront to the oral mucosa and the bottom line is that the working constituents within the essential oils will be absorbed via the digestive tract anyway and thus be delivered systemically everywhere. A topical application for a throughout-the-body-problem may be unsatisfactory. I hope that my advice helps, kind regards, Han.

      • Dawn

        Just a note to say that I am now massaging your Boswellia Sacra oil into my feet (reflexology) and this is helping! I now don’t get any allergic reaction, just the benefits from frankincense. Thanks, Dawn.

  13. Aga

    I love your frankincense essential oil . I have been taking 3 drops 3 times a day for last 4 months . I was diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer in March this yeas . I went through surgery and I’m on Tamoxifen at the moment. I take Frankincense oil combined with healthy diet and exercise. How long would you advice me to take the oil for ? Thank you so much

    • Han

      Dear Aga, I am very sorry to read about your predicament. Yours is a difficult question to answer as you know. What are the markers to indicate that you are properly in the clear? Even your consultant oncologist will find it a tricky question and, without wishing to make this a depressing reply, the yard stick in cancer is 5 year survival rate. If nothing else, this shows you that a longer-term view and approach is necessary. You already seem to be doing what I advocate with my approach (e.g. calorie restriction, Gerson’s daily bombarding with micro nutrients etcetera). It seems sensible to continue Boswellia Sacra for as long as it is medically considered prudent to take the Tamoxifen. When you are given the ‘all clear’ by your consultant then review what it is in your own protocol that you can leave out. I hope that my reply answers your question to satisfaction, kind regards, Han.

  14. Paulina

    Hi Han,
    I have a friend who has stage 4 primary liver cancer. She is also taking anticoagulant for a clot in her liver.
    Is this product safe for her to use?
    Trying anything now.
    Kind regards,

    • Han

      Dear Paulina, so sorry to read your message. Boswellia has blood thinning effects and may increase the risk of abnormal bleeding in people with a bleeding disorder or taking anticoagulant medication. How much such a possible effect weighs against known benefits in malignancies is a choice. Stage 4A or 4B doesn’t offer a lot of those. If chemotherapy or biological therapy is used, then, for obvious reason, boswellia potentially decreasing half-time will not be welcomed by your consultant oncologist. If these aren’t used then your oncologist may well be very much in favour of using boswellia sacra. Please bear in mind that they are profession-legally bound to operate within NICE guidance. I am sure however that at stage 4 you will meet a very kind ear and that further advice will be given. Kind regards, Han.

  15. Erica

    I have not purchased frankincense before, but am very interested as my dog was diagnosed with stomach cancer back in March 2017. Ive been reading the reviews on your page. Any suggestions or insight about using it for pets? Was wondering if I applied it topically to his abdomen?? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance…………

    • Han

      Dear Erica, I have no personal experience with boswellia sacra on dogs. My hunch is that you would use childs’ dosages orally (mix with pate used to be a favourite when our dogs needed medication/remedies, which is how Aloeride is fed to dogs). Alternatively rubbing it in with a carrier oil as suggested on this page. I hope this helps, kind regards, Han.

  16. Grant McC.

    Hi Han,
    Our 5 year old son has been diagnosed with epilepsy 3months ago. Has had absent seizures for a few years & when younger had a few fibral convulsions.
    Now has developed into tonic seizures lasting up to 8mins had about 12 in 12 weeks, on 300mg epilim twice/day, 5mg lamictal & 2.5mg frisium/day.
    He had 4 absent seizures on the weekend, but each lasted only about 45sec.
    We minimize sugar, gluten.
    Have included walnuts into diet(anti convulsant), coconut oil, also spirulina, Chlorella, wheat & barley grass powders.
    We have purchased a diffuser with essential oils we researched good for seizures *frankincense olibanum & serrata *clary sage * lavender * ylang ylang * chamomile.
    Read info on your frankincense & it says it can bring on seizures?? It can also stop seizures? Is it how it’s used? Good, but if used in excess can be detrimental? If so how much is too much for a 5 year old?
    We put on back of neck & under feet & a little on top lip, as we saw a lady with epilepsy say she carries frankincense with her at all times & when she feels a seizure coming on sniffs oil, it can help prevent it coming on.
    What are your thoughts? Any other oils that may help?
    As soon as he gets slightly hot, we believe is one trigger, noticed you said it helps with the hyper thalamus.
    Thank you, sorry for long text.

    • Han

      Dear Grant, you and your wife seem to be managing a difficult issue very admirably indeed. You are right to look into ketogenic diet, trigger exclusion, boswellia sacra and other known useful compounds for epilepsy. Dosage always is individual but I think that you are taking a safe route (inhalation and transdermal). You are not a customer of ours yet, so I am not in a position to comment on dosage for what you use. What I will say is that some essential oils contain convulsants and combining more than one oil may make it difficult to gauge which of the ‘blend’ helps or hinders. Convulsants that some essential oils contain: Camphor in Lavandula latifolia, in Salvia officinalis (sage), Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary); Fenchone in Foeniculum vulgare (fennel); Pinocamphone in Hyssopus officinalis; Thujone in Artemisia absinthium (wormwood), Tanacetum vulgare (tansy), Salvia officinalis (sage); Cineole in Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary); Pulegone in Mentha pulegium (pennyroyal), Mentha aquatica (wild mint), Mentha piperita (peppermint); Sabinyl acetate in Juniperus sabina (savin). Clary sage is less potent than Salvia officinalis but you’ll get my drift in respect of what to put in and what not.

      I am sure that you are aware of the gut brain axis which I touched upon in /people/the-problem-with-irritable-bowel-syndrome-ibs/ It is depicted in /wp-content/uploads/2014/01/gutbrainaxis.jpg That is why in almost everything to do with brain function, it is wise not to overlook digestive function. In epilepsy poorly prepared pork can be a causative factor (taenia solium tape worm) which is why, within the complex homeopathic literature, the advice is to eliminate pork altogether. Look into Para Rizol if this has been an issue. I hope the above helps you a bit further, kind regards, Han.

  17. Michelle irvine

    Hi there. My mum has just been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. It has spread to her lung and brain. We are thinking of starting her on this frankincense oil. If so what dosage to we start her off on?

    • Han

      Dear Michelle, I will send you a private reply about this which will include advice about dosage but more importantly address the need for a contextual approach. Kind regards, Han.

  18. Joan Miller

    i just read an article saying there are no boswellic acids in the essential oils only in the extract. What about that? do you have references for your research that the oil is a cancer cure?

    • Han

      Dear Joan Miller, from the way you phrase your query I am sure that you too are aware that no food supplement is allowed to make medical claims let alone claim to cure cancer. Within the product description is a link to PubMed, so you can read up on research. Apoptotic properties referred to in PubMed exist because of the Boswellic acids in frankincense. It’s one of the mechanisms via which the tree protects itself in harsh conditions. Given that any ‘extract’ is extracted from original oil, I suggest you ask the author of the article that you read to explain how it would be possible for boswellic acids to be present in extracts but not in original oil. We use CO2 extraction which is one of the two most advanced ways of extracting working molecules out of frankincense resin. Kind regards, Han.

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