Aloeride Palatable Aloe Vera for Horses

Soil Association certified Aloeride to be organic aloe vera.Aloeride palatable aloe vera for horses probably is the most versatile horse feed supplement on the market. It supports digestion whilst at the same time it supports hoof health, condition blossoms and movement palpably eases, natural coat shine simply becomes amazing and with that, the natural resilience of skin and coat protects against beasties and the weather, often behaviour improves when a horse feels more comfortable.

Aloeride is an ideal and proven better alternative to aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel. For beyond being taste-free, multiple independent  laboratory tests show Aloeride to have a far superior molecular composition, and we enjoy make the best in aloe vera so much more affordable for you. Each carton of Aloeride gives your horse all the goodness of 12 litres of certified organic aloe vera juice optimised into 30 palatable powder sachets.

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