Trusted help for performance horses

Do you want more from your horses? As true specialists in aloe vera for horses, we help you add value to them. Horse & Hound named Aloeride one of the Best of British products.

Strong Thoroughbred Hooves

Pretty much without exception all Thoroughbred Racehorses on the Aloeride have grown strong hooves and healthy feet. Very cost effective as Aloeride does so much more...

Feeding Optimal Nutrition

You want to help your horse during the winter months... Aloeride feeds it a uniquely broad spectrum of nutrients in a unique dosage + Aloeride boosts the uptake of its regular feed. Your sensible double whammy in equine nutrition.

Valuable horses get it

We help you add value to your valuable horses. Horse & Hound named Aloeride one of the Best of British products and some of the leading competition yards and riders feed it.

We love helping you!

Aloeride is exceptional amidst the mountain of products that have aloe vera on their label. We do much more than helping you to the proven best, Soil Association certified organic aloe vera and making it more affordable. We help you deploy Aloeride in the most effective way with advice that helps you or your horse feel tons better.

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We so like to help you

Do you supplement your horse(s) for optimum health and performance? Great! We love that level of horsemanship. Now, do you supplement for something specific or do you supplement for broader nutrition? With Aloeride aloe vera, you feed unique broad spectrum yet you see results in specifics in a 100% Natural and Certified Organic way.  It is both equine health clever and horse owner cost effective. American horse owners like feeding better aloe vera and saving money, so do we. We help you with a proven better aloe vera for less money and you can have this delivered to your home or stables at no postage cost to you!

30% Discount let’s-try-it offer

In Great Britain we have top riders and equestrian outfits that love Aloeride. Americans may not know us from Adam… So we lowered the hurdle and hope that you get to know us… Every 1 carton of Aloeride gives your horse to 12 LITRES of original, Certified Organic aloe vera juice optimised to 30 sachet servings for £38.64… yes that is £3.22 per Litre. Yes that is nigh impossible for an aloe vera barbadensis miller that contains up to 23.4 times more nutrients you might say. And yet precisely that is what we do. With our let’s-try-it offer, we email you a personalised coupon code so you may buy as many single cartons as you like. When the order goods value > £100 you will enjoy freepost.


Boosting Equine Condition

Boosting equine condition is where Aloeride delights Thoroughbred Racehorse owners like few other feed supplements do to the same extent. The many beneficial effects demonstrate clearly with horses in winter stabling stepping out ready for the season....

The Problem of Spring Grass Colic

Nutritional Support For Veteran Horses

Nutritional support for veteran horses is another thing Aloeride is extremely useful for, it boosts veteran vitality. After a series of trials at the Veteran Horse Society’s head office, which is home to over 20 horses on retirement and rehabilitation, Julianne Aston, founder of the charity, said the following:...

Horse Calmers Explained

It is clear that there is no one calmer that works for every horse. If you are you interested to know why, and find out what to do instead, then this page is perfect for you. Particularly competition riders feel a need to get their horse less tense prior to a travelled-to-competition. In an ideal world you want the coolest, unstressed horse that retains high attentiveness to your subtle commands, that retains quick reflexes and reaction time....

Digestive Health Support

From feed sensitivity to colic risk, to management of equine gastric ulcer syndrome, many horse owners start their horses on Aloeride because of the support it offers to digestive health and function. Aloeride boosts the Intake and Uptake of nutrients....

Hoof Health, Hoof Strength

Are your horse's hooves prone to cracks and splitting, making it difficult to keep shoes on? No other horsefeed supplement for hooves helps you in the two ways that we do... this broader approach for no extra money is what makes Aloeride one heck of a hoof supplement. ...

Coat Health and Natural Coat Shine

Coat health and natural coat shine reflect the health of your horse. Beyond exceptional coat shine without fail, Aloeride has gained a fabulous reputation for helping skin conditions, restoring coat health including wound healing. ...

The Problem Of Sweet Itch

Soil Association Certified Organic Aloeride aloe veraBetween your feed mix, grazing and Aloeride’s unique nutrient servings and a greater uptake of all these nutrients, your horses are able to stay much healthier and perform better for longer.