Five Training Tips For Horse Riders

Five Training Tips For Horse Riders

Whether you are riding sharp horses or lazy equines, young or old, here are five training tips for horse riders that you need to know.

1. Know What Type Of Horse You Have

It may sound obvious, but so many riders forget that breed and type do come into the equation when training a horse. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules. For example, seeing Clydesdale horses excel at top-level dressage is one! It proves that any horse can improve their paces, jumping technique or eventing style with the right temperament and training. However, the difference between success and failure is the rider’s understanding of the breed and type and how best to train for the physical limitations that the horse might have. Be mindful of the type of horse you have and train sympathetically. Professional event riders might have a type of horse they like, but physically, they are all different, even if not to the eye.

2. Understand Their Personality

Train your horse to get the best out of them by working with its personality. Some horses love their work and are super keen to please. Other horses require a little more persuasion and encouragement. Always reward even the smallest effort and adjust your schooling and training to benefit your horse’s personality.

3. Learn How To Communicate With Them

Learn how to communicate with your horse. Communication doesn’t have to be limited to the time spent in the saddle. Developing your communication skills can be just as effective on the ground. Find a trainer or online course to help develop your training tips for horse riders.

4. Be Patient

One of the most important training tips for horse riders is to remember to be patient. Patience is a virtue when training any horse, regardless of age, type or temperament. Some horses will push you to the edge, but you must always remain calm and focused. Never lose your temper when training a horse; always end on a good note, however small the breakthrough is.

5. Have Fun!

Training your horse can be fun! We love the TRT method (Tristan Tucker), which offers valuable training exercises you can try on the ground and under saddle and some enjoyable desensitising and bonding exercises that you will both love.
Tristan Tucker trtmethod

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