Aloe Vera Sample

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Why do we give you an Aloeride aloe vera sample free of charge? Because you then have the opportunity to try out if your horse will eat the Aloeride. 99.9% of horses do. Free samples make happy customers who know that they can trust us.

Can the Aloeride aloe vera sample be mixed with feed? Yes simply mix it is as per instructions.

Do you have further offers beyond this Aloeride sample? Yes we do, there is the introductory 25% off which means that you put 4 cartons in the basket and only pay for 3 cartons.

Are you able to give me more than two sample sachets? No, but you can buy the Aloeride aloe vera for Horses 5 SACHETS if you do not wish to commit to a carton of 30 sachets.

How will aloeride aloe vera help my horse?