Probion probiotics

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Why are Probion Probiotics the best probiotics that I can buy? Because they are made to the GMP standards of the Swedish Medical Agency. I add that they are high strength which was properly measured. Probion is the best, I think most of all, because each of the varieties is aimed at a specific pattern of bowel movement.

I suggest Probion Daily for normal digestion and keeping you that way. You would use Clinica for sensitive, irregular digestion. Also for high strength support during and after antibiotic intake. Active you use for loose digestion and for travelling. I suggest Probion Basic for slow or constipated digestion.

Can probiotics make a difference to digestion? You can find loads of proper research to underpin that it does.

Do I use probiotics in tandem with Aloeride? You can do yes but you can also use Kefir or Natural Yoghurt (double fermented if need be).