Aloeride aloe vera for People Vegetarian Capsules FOUR Packs

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You’re about to purchase something very special… the herb that has proven its value throughout the Ages and that we produce to an unrivalled standard into something that is easy-to-ingest. So even your kids wouldn’t mind taking aloe vera! Aloeride Extra Strong: Aloeride aloe vera for people vegetarian capsules three pack: made from 7.2 litres organic aloe vera juice optimised to 84 vegetarian capsules. Flabbergasting support for digestion, skin, hair and nails. Pure aloe vera powder is by its very nature Kosher, Halaal and suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. As some people specifically ask this, Aloeride is gluten and lactose free, there are no traces of nuts in it either.

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5 reviews for Aloeride aloe vera for People Vegetarian Capsules FOUR Packs

  1. EV

    I have been on Aloeride for half a year because of an old magazine I read in a waiting room. The lady in that article had exactly what I have and to my relief I am getting the same benefit that she got from your capsules. Don’t have to rush to the loo all the time. It’s ridiculous that this isn’t advertised more because I am sure there are lots of people like me looking for help. Anyway thanks a lot, just ordered a new batch! All the best, Edward V.

  2. charles rawlins

    have had terrible trouble ordering on your site today. First tried by paypal but this failed and nothing had gone from my account , then re directed to pay by card. That also failed.
    So I had to call and check. 2 orders were placed but only one payment made so she cancelled the 2nd order and told me the first order was sucsessful and product will be sent ‘should be today’.
    However I still haven’t received a confirmation email nor did i get an apology for this.
    Its taking me about an hour now in trying to sort this which is ridiculous.
    I have had a few problems with orders from you in the past and I am not happy with the service.

    • han

      Dear Mr. Rawlins, I really am very sorry to see that your are sufficiently aggrieved to vent your dissatisfaction publically. Software (ours, Paypal or Sagepay) sometimes has a mind of its own and even with the best will in the world -we like to think we are thus inclined- failures will happen. One of our telephonists has been able to help resolve the issue for you by your own admission. My wife has apologised to you in reply to the email you sent us. We make the proven best aloe, we give 20% discount, we pay for Royal Mail, we really do our best Charles. To avoid a future waste of one of your waking hours and avoid emotional upsets, may I suggest that you take the easy route next time and ring 01858 464550 and let our telephonists place the order for you. Loads of people do it that way, seemingly to satisfaction because they keep ordering that way. I hope that the parcel reached you timely and that you are continuing to enjoy benefit from Aloeride. Kind regards, Han.

  3. Samantha Gibbs

    Aloeride has given me my life back!!

  4. Anudeep

    I am very happy to let you know that your trio of aloeride/kefir/smoothies have made an ENORMOUS difference to my daughter.

  5. CB

    I am putting the credit to your pills but my hair has started to grow back (had bold patches due to the stress/shock). Between the Juice plus and the Aloeride I am so grateful that I am getting back to my old self again. Self confidence is coming back, Thank you! C.B.

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