Para Rizol Suppositories can be used in addition to Para Rizol liquids

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Para Rizol Suppositories can be used in addition to Para Rizol liquids (Para Rizol Gamma and/or Para Rizol Zeta). Rizol Zäpfchen are suppositories for rectal use only. These are Pharmacy prepared especially for you and delivery usually happens within 14 days. DO NOT ORDER DURING WARM WEATHER, THEY WILL MELT IN THE POST!

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Para Rizol Suppositories can be used in addition to Para Rizol Mundöl liquids (Gamma and/or Zeta). Rizol Zäpfchen are suppositories for rectal use only. Formula for Para-Rizol per 50g: 35g Rizol raw material, 5g clove oil, 5g absinthium (wormwood) oil, 5g walnut oil. Rizol raw material consists 80% of long chain ozonides from olive oil and castor oil, 20% dissolved in excess olive oil and castor oil. This formula (in 20% emulsion) does not contain ozone, but ozonides that are contained in the Rizol raw material as an active substance; it does not contain ozone or alcohols such as ethanol or isopropanol (propan-2-ol).

This preparation is produced for you at our request by a licensed pharmacy in Germany. Because this is a made-to-order, hand-prepared product by a registered pharmacist, no returns are accepted and no refunds can be given, thank you for your understanding. Para-Rizol Suppositories are commonly used in conjunction with Para-Rizol Gamma or Para-Rizol Zeta and the usage of their ozonoids and amaroids is especially effective against pathogens (bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses) that live anaerobically. Do not use during pregnancy, take care if used simultaneously with psychopharmaceuticals.

Kindly note that at ordinary room temperatures of 15° to 25°C (59° to 77°F), the suppository base is a hard, amorphous solid but, at 30° to 35°C (86° to 95°F) i.e. at body temperature, it melts to a bland, non-irritating oil. This is why the German pharmacy will not issue suppositories when it is hot and this may affect our delivery time. Customers are advised, on receipt of suppositories, to put them in the fridge so they go solid after postage.

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Para Rizol Suppositories are best used in tandem with the Para Rizol liquids. Used on their own insert 1 (torpedo-shaped) suppository into the rectum once or several times daily. Store Para Rizol Suppositories in a cool, dry place (below 250C). Do not expose to direct sunlight. Prior to insertion check that the suppositories are firm and not soft.

How to insert Para Rizol suppositories

It is easy and painless. He/she who inserts the suppositories washes his/her hands with soap and water (or use hand sanitizer) and dries them off. The recipient lies down on his/her side with the top leg slightly bent toward his/her stomach and with the bottom leg straight. Moisten the tip of the suppository with some K-Y Jelly, this makes insertion so much easier. If you don’t have lubricating jelly, apply a small amount of water to the recipient’s rectal area. Relax the buttocks to make it easier to insert the suppository (e.g. tell a story during the process). Insert the suppository into the rectum, narrow end first. Gently but firmly, push the suppository past the sphincter. The sphincter is the muscular opening of the rectum. For adults, push it in one inch. For children, depending on their size, push it in a half inch to one inch. And for infants, push it in about a half inch. The recipient then lies with his/her legs closed for a few minutes. If you are giving the suppository to a child, you may need to gently hold their buttocks closed during this time. Wash your hands right away with soap and warm water.

How to insert Viburcol suppositories

If the person who is inserting the suppositories wishes to wear single-use disposable gloves, note that the allergen content of disposable rubber gloves varies widely and is higher in powdered gloves than in powder-free gloves and higher in examination gloves than in surgical gloves. IgE-mediated sensitisation to rubber proteins may affect the wearer of the glove, not the recipient of the suppository.

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  1. Yvonne

    I am happy for this alternative to the gloopy taste of liquid pararizol, for me this works just as well. Sorry to be fussy, Yvonne

  2. Raquel King

    This is a wonderful way to give our poor contaminated bodies the relief it needs! Excellent product…thank you

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