Para Rizol Ozonised Oils

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Para Rizol Ozonised Oils do not contain ozone, but ozonides that are contained in the Rizol raw material as an active substance; they does not contain ozone or alcohols such as ethanol or isopropanol.

Para Rizol Ozonised Oils is the gold standard for body detox and sanitation. Para Rizol helps you via the same mechanism that plants use to fight off parasitic, bacterial, viral or fungal infection. This is a firm favourite for small bowel bacterial overgrowth (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth – SIBO) and dysbiosis. Para Rizol Gamma and Para Rizol Zeta often are used in tandem.

The dosage of Para-Rizol always should be increased gradually and according to individual response. If Herxheimer reactions (toxin mobilisation outpacing detoxification pathways) occur, stop Para-Rizol temporarily, allow symptoms to abate and then reintroduce it much more slowly. A complete intolerance to Para-Rizol is rare and would always be picked up within the first few days of using it.