What does aloe vera do?

What does aloe vera do, explained by the expert at Aloeride.

Aloe vera is a desert plant. It contains 99.5% water that, without a proper container, would evaporate in a jiffy. One of the things any aloe vera plant is acutely focussed on, is the preservation of that ‘container’ which in biology terms is called ‘Epithelium’.

People also have epithelium. It is our skin, our hair and our nails. It also is the lining of our digestive tract, the lining of our respiratory tract and the lining or our urogenital tract. That’s an enormous area of differently looking tissue. But anatomically it all is covering epithelial tissue.

So when you ingest properly grown, well processed aloe vera (you do not wish to eat aloe vera as a plant because this will give you diarrhoea!) you ingest molecules that focus on the repair and renewal of epithelial tissue. Small wonder what flourishes… skin, hair, nails, digestion and to a lesser degree breathing and bladder.

When an aloe vera plant gets damaged, there’s a wound that needs to be repaired before the water evaporates. When people get skin damage (including burns) or a wound along the digestive tract (very inhospitable locations), the ingested aloe vera does what this plant is so superbly good at, it swiftly tries to fix the hole. Stop you from evaporating in a way. Kindly note that the best and safest way to fix anything always is from the inside out. But there is a strong caveat to all this!

How good and useful a by-mouth aloe vera food supplement is depends totally on how it was grown/irrigated, how it was harvested/processed, how it was preserved and what the serving quantity (dosage) is. Good and useful does not depend on the aloe vera being a liquid, a gel or a powder although with the latter it is easier to concentrate. Seals of Approval also have little meaning when you look at their laboratory measurements.

At Aloeride we like independent laboratory tests, so that’s what we share because we think it’s in the public interest. Aloeride Extra Strong is Soil Association certified organic, is grown under optimal conditions, is processed in stages to the ultimate extraction, is served as 426mg per vegicapsule without additives, and finally we make the proven best in aloe vera as affordable as we can possibly make it.  Aloe vera is best used in context.

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