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Positively the finest organic aloe vera available

We are a company in Leicestershire that manufactures the without compromise aloe vera for people and the without compromise aloe vera for horses. If you’re looking for a properly made, taste-free, best value for money aloe vera food supplement or aloe vera horse feed supplement then you have arrived at the right address. Aloe vera is known to support gastrointestinal health and function, help maintain healthy skin and support the immune system. At Aloeride® we give you straight forward product information based on objective measurements (i.e. no marketing flag waving), the best aloe vera product (i.e. independently measured as such) and the best value for money even before you take our multipack discounts with worldwide free post into account.

We are proud and very pleased that Aloeride® Extra Strong and Equine Aloeride® help a loyal following among the more discerning aloe vera users all over the world. We look forward to the privilege of welcoming you as a new customer. The running of our business and especially our customer relations are based on healthy family values. That is precisely why all along the path of making our aloe vera food/feed supplement we do not compromise on a single thing. This makes Aloeride® exceptional amidst the mountain of aloe vera products that have aloe vera on their label.

ALOE Be The Best, Aloeride aloe veraPassion is what drives us to be uncompromising about Quality Control and Affordability. Aloeride® is the pure, certified organic, British aloe vera food supplement that contains a non-latex form of aloe vera that’s had the aloin effectively removed. Consistently independent laboratory tests prove our exemplary quality of the polysaccharide profile of and demonstrate the exemplary quantity of principal ingredients. Aloeride® is hypo-allergenic, free of additives, colours, stabilisers, fillers and flavourings. Aloeride® vegicapsules are easier to ingest and have none of the disadvantages associated with aloe vera gel/aloe vera juice (unpleasant taste being one of them). Our price/litre + active ingredients/litre + multipack discounts + freepost option makes Aloeride® hugely more affordable too. That’s why every day all over the globe Aloeride® aloe vera makes people happy, you are cordially invited to join this group today.

Farm certified organically grown aloe vera

We take great pride in the fact that Aloeride® aloe vera is farm certified organically grown and certified organic by the Soil Association and DEFRA. Aloeride® aloe vera is processed in the cleverest possible way and meets the most rigorous Quality Control of independent laboratory testing and GMP manufacture. Without wanting to brag about this, one cannot make an aloe vera food supplement better than we do.