Dressage victorious with Aloeride

Dressage victorious with Aloeride

Dressage victorious with Aloeride. Team Aloeride dressage rider Lucy Cartwright was in the ribbons again with Fergana where they won the Advanced 100 class with a fabulous score of 69.69%, Lucy tells us why Aloeride is an important aspect of her winning form:

“Fortunately Hartpury is very close for us, but still in the recent heatwave we have had, it does take a lot out of them. With a busy competition schedule it does mean that sometimes travelling longer distances over the summer months is unavoidable and whilst we do try and travel during cooler hours, inevitably it is still very warm. Since we have been feeding Aloeride the horses really do feel and look better They really are the picture of health inside and out and in fact, lots of people comment on how shiny they all are, especially Fergana who literally ‘shone’ in the ring at Hartpury! She was fantastic & so concentrated. You just know if they are getting everything to help them in the Aloeride and that horse is looking so healthy & happy on the outside, that they must be on the inside also!”

CLICK HERE to enjoy a full view of the photo made by Kevin Sparrow.

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