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Aloeride aloe vera for Horses leafletThe Sport Of Kings comes with many challenges for both horse and owner which makes the delight of winning all the greater. Aloeride is a 100% natural feed supplement and a strong support for horseracing since it simultaneously promotes better digestive health, better condition, stronger hooves, stronger performance and faster recovery. That makes it valuable in terms of horse racing results and racehorse supplements. Aloeride is NOPS negative and doesn’t contain synthetic molecules. Independent equine nutritionist Ruth Bishop advised that Aloeride, as part of your racehorse’s routine feed-mix, is permissible on race days under British Horseracing Authority Rules.

“The Thoroughbred exists because its selection has depended, not on experts, technicians, or zoologists, but on a piece of wood: the winning post of the Epsom Derby. If you base your criteria on anything else, you will get something else, not the Thoroughbred”. Federico Tesio

What will Aloeride do for my Racehorses

  1. Most racing yards have their own feed-mix formula produced. In the highest echelons of horse racing one will see every horse on an individual nutrition programme. Whichever way you feed, your thoroughbred racehorse performs not on intake but on uptake. That is where the Aloeride helps them a lot.
  2. The more lean muscle mass you can breed, grow and train, the more powerful your Thoroughbreds become. But, as you know, there are pitfalls in breeding and growing in as much that bone strength may not keep up with muscle strength. That is where Aloeride helps with its unique nutrient spectrum plus a better uptake of your feed-mix.
  3. Even the most powerful 4×4 car slides in ditches when there’s ice on the road. Well-bred lines, well-fed and well-trained racehorses with uncomfortable feet/hooves cannot create optimal traction on the ground. Every horse on Aloeride has fabulous hooves, even Thoroughbreds. Your farrier will spot the difference in hoof quality when he puts the nails in.
  4. Training increases heart and lung capacity, improves vascularisation and of course your training ticks all such boxes. These boxes ticked, your athletes then have to overcome the limiting factors of lactic acid and micro-inflammations during training and during races. Trainers can feed for this, specific nutrients abundant in Aloeride aloe vera help.
  5. Recovery after training and racing becomes easier with more and better nutrition. So again, that is your feed-mix formula + the wide spectrum of nutrients in Aloeride + the increased uptake of both feeds thanks to Aloeride aloe vera helping digestive uptake.
  6. An Irish patient of our MD who had a regular box at Towcester Racecourse was evangelical about “if it’s in the horse’s mind”. Beyond the mental fortitude of your Thoroughbreds, Aloeride helps the gut-brain axis which in turn promotes useful brain hormones.
  7. If you are not yet feeding your Thoroughbreds aloe vera by mouth, then you may want to take a look at our use and advisory pages. If you are using aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel already, then almost certainly we can save you thousands of Pounds Sterling by providing a proven better aloe vera. Do give us a ring on +44 (0)1858 464550 or send an email.

“Both these horses were very expensive young horses and they have numerous problems which we try and manage… making the point that the horse had lost its way and we put his rejuvenation largely down to Aloeride!” (Leech Racing)

Skeletal Strength

The thoroughbred breed’s greatest weakness is its skeletal system, selective mating produces increasingly muscular horses with increasingly lighter bone structure, and two-year old horses are running around with a still-developing skeletal system until they pass the age of three. Thoroughbreds that sustain a fracture during their juvenile years are significantly less likely to enter training, a costly disappointment. The problem often is ‘muscle strength outpacing bone strength’. The slider (move your cursor over it) below shares interesting research and lowering that 21% incidence of fractures should be a welcome opportunity for breeders and trainers alike.

Any musculoskeletal injury happens when tension exceeds the strength of the growing bones (fracture), or when tension exceeds the strength of soft tissue notably when muscle fatigue or muscle weakness fails to stabilise (protect) a joint. Aloeride helps by growing lean body mass (this increases joint stability) whilst at the same time encouraging structural (trabecular) bone strength -from research it is known that aloe vera offers benefit. Yearlings with the greatest chance of becoming stakes winners are tall, not too heavy and have high sire indexes. Bigger yearlings however do have a higher risk of skeletal disease but only -and this is your cue- when nutritional intake & uptake doesn’t keep pace with genotypal growth. One sachet of Aloeride a day helps your yearling by reducing the risk of inadvertent deficiencies.

Digestive Support

Racing’s greatest weakness may be how it affects the digestive system, with 90% of race horses in training affected. This is where Aloeride gives you very significant advantages: natural support for your horse’s stomach protective mucosal barrier as well as an optimal uptake of nutrients from appropriate feed. According to Equix, which analysed the biometrics of racing thoroughbreds, the average race horse has a stride length of 23.5 feet. In both 2009 and 2010 Vanity Handicap, Zenyatta needed 39 strides to complete the 991 feet which equates to an incredible average of 25.41 feet per stride. In the 2011 St James’s Palace Stakes, Frankel’s average stride length was a consistent 22 feet but with an awesome stride frequency of 137-130 strides per minute. Which, at taking exactly one breath per stride equates to a well-oxygenated Frankel. Any horse with an uncomfortable abdomen will be disinclined to stride long, so improving digestive comfort beyond prescribed medication is a good training tactic. Many racing yards have horses that struggle to keep their condition which invariably means that the horse performs well below its potential.

“He no longer has digestive issues, he has gained weight and generally looks well. It saves on vets fees and clearly makes the horse more comfortable which shows in training results. Increasing the flexibility of the stride angle by 1° roughly increases stride length by 2%. Both his galloping stride length and closing stride length are stronger with easy, straight forward-and-back motion”. (Leech Racing)

High Octane Feed

Daily servings of Aloeride support condition and generally improve lean body mass necessary to power a fast run. Daily servings of Aloeride introduce beta-linked polysaccharides together with other plant molecules that help tissue keep cool. Daily servings of Aloeride support the intestinal production of B5 to help lactic acid conversion as do the carnosine precursing amino acids in Aloeride. The natural biotransformation of lactic acid is facilitated by pre-race nutrient loading of abundant essential and non-essential amino acids in Aloeride. Beta-alanine is the only naturally occurring, non-essential (i.e. it can be synthesized by the body providing there are sufficient nutrient building blocks) beta-amino acid which, as you know, supports muscle carnosine synthesis. Amino acids in Aloeride are highly absorbable (borne out by increase in lean body mass) and more carnosine in muscle tissue enables a greater ability to counteract the buildup of lactic acid.

Satisfying results are more likely if the breakdown of lactic acid is robust, if uncomfortable digestion doesn’t get in the way of race performance, if performance related micro-inflammation can be kept at bay, if oxygen uptake isn’t hampered by the respiratory mucosal lining.


Soil Association Certified Organic Aloeride aloe veraWe have an offer that is dedicated to Racehorse Yards and Thoroughbred Stud Farms. When a large number of Thoroughbreds is on the Aloeride, its added value is several thousands of Pounds Sterling in savings a year atop of the unique nutritional value that Aloeride gives your horses. That offer is the 36 cartons/order shown below. Racehorse Yards and Thoroughbred Stud Farms please contact us (email or ring +44 1858 464550) with your details so we may give you the best price for your organisation.

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