Aloe vera for Racehorses

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The best British Aloe Vera for Racehorses is Aloeride and all the benefits for your Thoroughbred Racehorses are well-explained in /horseracing/

We are delighted that you are interested in Aloeride and what it can do for your Thoroughbredracehorses. In lieu of talking to you in person, we hope that this video creates a useful, first introduction. It mentions your £88.32 discount coupon code to use online when you purchase the 4-carton trial offer (£220.80 – £88.32 = £132.48 for a four months’ supply). Beyond 1 trial Trainer Magazine Exclusive Offer, the same 40% discount applies to the 36-carton offer which is the quantity that all our Training Yard and Stud Farm customers order in. Aloeride aloe vera improves the feed mix and improves the nutrient uptake. This creates many benefits which are listed below the video (from 00:00 – 02:54 it covers the offer; from 03:28 until 07:37 it covers research on aloe vera and benefits to the Thoroughbred racehorse).