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  • Aloeride aloe vera for horses 36 cartons

    Aloeride aloe vera for Horses 36 CARTONS


    Aloeride aloe vera for Horses 36 CARTONS is made from 432 litres of Certified Organic aloe vera juice and gives you 1,080 servings. This aloe vera offer is dedicated to Racehorse Yards and Stud Farms or anyone else looking after many horses. If you are interested then kindly ring us on 01858 464550 or email us so we may give you the best price for your organisation that is ‘many furlongs away’ from the £1,987.20 Recommended Retail Price. Best before date from manufacture is 3 years. Each serving is 2,000mg (equivalent to 400ml original aloe vera juice) of Soil Association Certified Organic whole leaf aloe vera barbadensis miller (non-latex!) palatable powder. Aloeride probably is the most versatile horse feed supplement on the market. Payment via BACS or International Money Transfer only.

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