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Victoria Bax Eventing Racehorse Retraining 6 years experience with Aloeride aloe vera

Aloeride aloe vera eventing Victoria-Bax
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Victoria Bax Eventing Racehorse Retraining 6 years experience with Aloeride aloe vera… as our first and longest-standing sponsored rider of Aloeride, Victoria Bax has been feeding her Thoroughbreds Aloeride aloe vera for six years. It seemed a good reason to visit her yard and ask her about her findings. The below video is the unedited interview. Victoria’s findings in a nutshell are:

Victoria Bax Eventing Racehorse Retraining 6 years experience with Aloeride aloe vera video interview.

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Top Tips for the Problem of Spring Grass Colic

The Problem of Spring Grass Colic Aloeride aloe vera
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Why don’t wild horses get spring grass colic? Why does the problem of spring grass colic affect domesticated horses? The crux of every article on spring grass colic is controlled introduction to a fence-to-fence carbohydrate load. Quite rightly articles warn you about gorging, explain about grass composition, but few articles advise on digestive interventions to help domesticated horses cope with spring grass more like wild horses do. To read my full article, click here. Here are a few Top Tips for the Problem of Spring Grass Colic:

  • Increase Spring turnout gradually
  • Avoid afternoon grazing
  • Possibly strip graze fields
  • Migrate to another field when grass is grazed down to 4″
  • Plentiful access to forage in stable is vital
  • Feed Aloeride daily and some live probiotics during winter stabling
  • Salt house in field with loose NaCl and sea salt rock near clean fresh water
  • If colicing, walk/trot for about 10 minutes (longeline/round pen) and observe
  • Collect vital signs, especially 4-quadrant intestinal sounds
  • Offer very sloppy mash which may stimulate intestinal motility, avoid grain and fermentable feed
  • Call vet if a colic doesn’t resolve completely within 30 mins
  • During significant discomfort allow your horse to rest (standing on feet or lying down)
  • Be sure to not put yourself in a position where you could be trapped or injured
  • Obviously your horse should have access to clean, fresh water
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Victoria Bax Eventing blog December 2017

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What’s up in the Victoria Bax Eventing blog December 2017… well, November was another month of huge ups and downs. It started very well with a trip out to our new local British Showjumping show at the lovely Beechwood Ec early this month. I had initially planned to take two horses, but one did what they do best and came in a couple of nights before with a cut and a fat leg which is still not better three days later, so she managed to swerve a showjumping trip! However, six-year-old Alberta’s Pride (aka Frankie) went alone and excelled himself yet again by not only producing another double clear in the British Novice but also a super duper double clear in his first Discovery too; is there no end to this boy’s talent.

The following week, Alberta’s Pride was called up to fill a place in a Riding Club Team qualifier where he put in another superb jumping display in the 1m & 1.05m rounds helping the team finish a respectable 2nd.

Some successful clinics have now been completed as after all it is prime training season right now. The course showjumping clinic was lots of fun with a couple of new clients and lots of regulars, all thoroughly enjoying themselves, practising techniques and learning new skills, but two sessions really stood out for me;

One very brave regular of mine brought along her new horse and smashed it by jumping around the whole course! Brilliant! Another who has travelled a very LONG journey over the last eight months with her own horse, who at the start would not even step over a pole on the ground through to jumping beautifully round the course including all the fillers; making it look very easy.

Lastly, later this month I received some utterly devastating news from a phone call late on Friday afternoon to let me know that a lady who started as a regular client but soon turned in a great friend very sadly lost her extremely quick and aggressive fight against cancer and passed away. She learnt of her diagnosis only 4/6 weeks beforehand and simply didn’t have a chance of fighting it as it had really got a hold of her. I am utterly devastated to lose someone who I considered a really good friend. My thoughts go out to her young family and husband at this hugely tragic time. So, please give your loved ones both two-legged, and four-legged an extra hug and kiss today because you never know when it might be their last.

Life does go on for the rest of us, so wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a smashingly successful New Year.

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The hard truth hooves hard ground
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We all know that baked hard ground is the result of great summer weather, but when it comes to looking after your horse’s legs, you need to take extra care, so here are our top 5 tips for perfect pins!

  • It should be obvious but if the ground is hard then don’t ‘run’ your horse. There is always another competition, another day but not new legs!
  • If your horse is the type to take a good gallop around the field on turning out, try riding or lunging him before in the school to take the edge off and save his legs.
  • Looking after your horse’s feet is particularly important, and regular shoeing is essential. Your farrier may suggest remedial shoeing or padding if your horse really suffers from the hard ground.
  • Nutritional support can also help promote strong and healthy hooves, and Aloeride is your all round easy to feed taste free supplement that helps promote healthy hoof growth.
  • Check your horse’s legs daily so that you notice any new lumps, bumps, heat or swellings and pick his feet out regularly. They might not be full of mud, but stones can still be lodged in the frog or manure which when compacted won’t promote a healthy environment in the foot, causing more problems.

N.B: This advice is general and we would always recommend that you seek your own vet’s advice concerning your horses’ wellbeing and management.

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Aloeride aloe vera cooling horse, summer sizzlers!
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Keeping your horse hydrated and cool as temperatures rise over the summer months can prove to be a challenge; especially as busy competition schedules can mean a longer to wait in-between classes or championships at the end of a long and hot day. Here are 8 top tips for keeping your horse hydrated and happy this summer…

  • Try wetting your horse’s hay to help him get further moisture uptake.
  • Some horses can be particular about taking water from a different source, so if possible travel your horse with water from home. If you are staying away at a show then try adding an apple cordial to your horse’s water to encourage him to drink.
  • Never load your horse straight after your class, allow him to cool down, take some fluids and relax, before loading him up to travel home.
  • Try and park the lorry in some shade and if there is none then keep your horse inside the lorry with the ramp down so he has some shade without being directly under the beating sun.
  • If it’s really hot, try and keep your warm-up to the minimum, remember with the heat your horses’ muscles will get warmer quicker anyway, but if your horse is quite fresh and needs working in properly, then try and ride him earlier in the morning, so that the warm-up just before your class doesn’t have to be as extensive.
  • Including salt and electrolytes are key because your horse needs electrolytes to rehydrate effectively and salt plays a key role in ensuring your horse receives sufficient sodium chloride.
  • Equi-N-IcE Rapid Cooler RugIt is of paramount importance that horses can drink ad libitum. Drinking water means that water gets inside, but how long your horse stays hydrated is influenced in part by the presence of electrolytes. This is yet another reason why micronutrient loaded horses love Aloeride.
  • There are a lot of cooling products on the market, created to help keep your horse cool during the hot weather. We love the Equi-N-IcE Rapid Cooler Rug, which you simply activate by popping the rug in a bucket of their coolant for a fresh rejuvinating cooling effect! This unique cooler actually draws the heat away from the muscles by rapid evaporation to drop the temperature of the horse as quickly as possible to reduce thermal strain. You can win this fantastic rug along with 1 month supply of Aloeride by heading over to our Facebook page!

N.B: This advice is general and we would always recommend that you seek your own vet’s advice concerning your horses’ wellbeing and management.

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Travelling Your Horse In Safety
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Travelling your horse can take a lot out of your horse so being prepared for life on the road is key. We asked top professional show judge, producer and rider and Aloeride sponsored rider Loraine Homer for her top tips for travel happy this summer…

  • If you are planning a long journey in the lorry and your horse is not used to travelling, then take him out for a few short trips leading up the day, otherwise you might find he won’t be so willing to make the return journey!
  • Try and travel early in the morning or later in the evenings, when traffic is lighter and the temperature has cooled.
  • If travelling on a long journey, stop to give your horse fresh water drinks at various points along the way, especially if it is a hot summer’s day. If your horse is a reluctant drinker, bring your own water supply for the day and add apple flavouring to encourage drinking.
  • Travelling can take a lot out of your horse, so make sure you take into account his diet and nutritional support. We feed Aloeride because it not only keeps them looking and feeling great during a busy season but supports a healthy gut function, which is imperative for any competition horse.
  • Good ventilation is key in a lorry, so make sure air vents and windows are open so there is good air circulation in the horse compartment.
  • Make sure you know where you going! Sounds simple but check your route for height, weight and width restrictions before setting your sat nav.
  • Allow for delays so that even if you are a little late you still have time to prepare for your horse and yourself.
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Dressage Divas!

Aloeride aloe vera dressage divas!
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We asked top international dressage rider and Aloeride sponsored rider Leah Beckett for her top 6 top tips for competing this summer. Fantastic advice for all dressage divas!

checkmark Aloeride aloe vera - Best British Aloe Vera by farPractise on your square halts and riding accurately to your markers – these can really boost your marks in a test!

checkmark Aloeride aloe vera - Best British Aloe Vera by farAsk someone to video you in a test run through at home prior to your competition. Watching it back can help you make improvements in your schooling leading up the test day and even minor tweaks can have a big impact on overall marks.

checkmark Aloeride aloe vera - Best British Aloe Vera by farLearn your test! Having a caller is all very well, but as a rider, you should be preparing for each movement well ahead of the caller and if you can’t hear your voice you will be in a spot of bother!

checkmark Aloeride aloe vera - Best British Aloe Vera by farWhen I am training the horses I try and make myself as interesting a rider as possible. So within their training I try and keep it varied and not do all things everyday – sometimes I will work on basics, some days exercises, some days test riding, some days trot, some days canter. If you think of riding as asking the horses for a percentage of their power, then I will only hit 100% a few times a week and just play in-between the percentages.

checkmark Aloeride aloe vera - Best British Aloe Vera by farVariety is the spice of life and I love the horses to go out in the field a couple of times a week and if I can mix up hacking and schooling as well, even better!!

checkmark Aloeride aloe vera - Best British Aloe Vera by farHaving a happy and well-rounded horse makes for a much happier athlete, which is much more settled and has a much more open mind to training so try to work with your horse and incorporate exercises he or she loves as well as the more difficult stuff in your training sessions.

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Aloeride Offer for Horse Quest Advantage

Aloeride Offer for Horse Quest Advantage
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Use your £40 Coupon Code

After you add the above 4-cartons in the shopping Basket, apply your Aloeride Offer for Horse Quest Advantage coupon code in the Cart. This immediately gives you the £40 discount. Simply put, the Aloeride Offer for Horse Quest Advantage helps you to 48 LITRES of aloe vera barbadensis miller for £220.80 – £40.00 = £180.80. Divide this by 48 = £3.77 per litre. But that’s impossible for aloe vera barbadensis miller that contains up to 23.4 times more nutrients you might say. Yup it pretty much is, yet we do it anyway. Because we want your horse to benefit from the proven best in aloe vera. Order goods value > £100 enjoy freepost. Because you are a member of Horse Quest Advantage, you can bag yourself an extraordinary bargain!

Soil Association Certified Organic Aloeride aloe veraThe Aloeride Offer for Horse Quest Advantage gives you the most amazing opportunity to bag a bargain on highly valuable aloe vera for horses. Save yourself £40 on 120 DAYS – and each of these 120 sachets is a whopping 400ml juice equivalent – of exemplary and palatable aloe vera. Aloeride aloe vera for horses probably is the most versatile horse feed supplement on the market. It supports digestion whilst at the same time it supports hoof health, condition blossoms and movement palpably eases, natural coat shine simply becomes amazing and with that the natural resilience of skin and coat protects against beasties and the weather, and often behaviour improves when a horse feels more comfortable.


Boosting Equine Condition

Boosting equine condition is where Aloeride delights Thoroughbred Racehorse owners like few other feed supplements do to the same extent. The many beneficial effects demonstrate clearly with horses in winter...

The Problem of Spring Grass Colic

Why don’t wild horses get spring grass colic? Why does the problem of spring grass colic affect domesticated horses? From the plethora of articles, every horse owner knows about it...

Nutritional Support For Veteran Horses

Nutritional support for veteran horses is another thing Aloeride is extremely useful for. After a series of trials at the Veteran Horse Society’s head office, which is home to over...

Horse Calmers Explained

From talking to competition riders and to people riding out, it is clear that there's no one 'calmer' that works for every horse. If you are you interested to know...

Digestive Health Support

Many horse owners start their horses on Aloeride because of the support it offers for digestive health and function. Digestive health support means helping the digestive lining reconstruct itself or...

Hoof Health, Hoof Strength

Are your horse's hooves prone to cracks and splitting, making it difficult to keep shoes on? Then you'll be pleased that you found us. No other horsefeed supplement for hooves...

Coat Health and Natural Coat Shine

Coat health and natural coat shine reflect the health of your horse. Aloeride delivers extraordinary coat shine without fail, it is one of the benefits that Aloeride is gaining a...

The Problem Of Sweet Itch

The problem of sweet itch is that two horses in the same field can respond differently to the same culicoides midges pestering them. This is at the same time your...

Between your feed mix and grazing and Aloeride’s unique nutrient servings and a greater uptake of all these nutrients, your horses are able to stay much healthier and perform better for longer.

Your horse is worth you knowing what’s behind a label

For an objective view on proven premium quality, unadulterated product samples of Aloeride, Aloequine, Barrier Animal Healthcare Pure Aloe Vera Juice, Forever Living Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel and Hilton Herbs Aloe Vera were presented for independent measurement by an accredited laboratory equipped for industry standard evaluation of aloe vera. The results may astound you:

Aloeride Product 2a Product 3b Product 4f Product 5h
48 litres optimised to 120 palatable powder sachets per carton 48 litres = 3.17 x (3.785 litres @ £35.00) 48 litres = 2.4 x (5 litres @ £37.76) 48 litres = 12 x (1 litre @ £21.62) 48 litres = 2.4 x (5 litres @ £63.00)
£180.80 thanks to your coupon code £443.80 £362.52 £1,037.76 £604.80
Nutritional Density: 5.31 x fewer nutrients 23.4 x fewer nutrients 3.23 x fewer nutrients 2.39 x fewer nutrients
4,680 mg/L 880 mg/L 200 mg/L 1,450 mg/L 1,960 mg/L
£3.77 per litre £9.25 per litre £7.55 per litre £21.62 per litre £12.60 per litre
We can supply you with a multi-laboratory proven better aloe vera at vastly deflated cost because we don’t have expensive offices, we don’t finance a multilevel marketing pyramid, we don’t have much staff, we don’t transport liquid aloe, and we don’t seek rapacious profit.

Top equestrians use Aloeride

Horse Quest Advantage get the advantage aloe veraAloeride is used by top rider and breeders like Loraine Homer, Katie Jerram and Jo Bates (Showing), Leah Bennett (Dressage), Victoria Bax and Eliza Stoddart (Eventing), Sally Toye, Heather Watson, Suzanne Taylor (Endurance). Stud Farms and Racing Yards also feed Aloeride. They all love what Aloeride does for their horses and our guess is, so will you. Aloeride 100% complies with Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr. Danhof MD PhD’s definition of the best aloe (he is universally recognised as the world’s foremost expert on aloe vera). Each carton gives your horse 30 days of outstanding nutritional support. Thus the Aloeride Offer for Horse Quest Advantage gives gives your horse 120 palatable servings of 2,000mg (400mL equivalent original organic aloe vera juice) containing a proven greater quantity and better quality of working molecules than you would get even from well-known aloe vera gel or juice. Every batch of Aloeride goes through a number of tests relevant to competitors including NOPS at LGC in Newmarket.

Aloeride provides more than unique digestive support to help gastric issues associated with racehorses. Between digestive succour and the unique nutrients (over and beyond feed) that Aloeride provides, your racehorses are more likely to achieve and maintain optimal condition. Increased and expertly trained lean muscle mass needs strong healthy hooves to translate power & stamina into traction, pace and winnings. Farriers familiar with Aloeride know that it works brilliantly. Beyond your expert training and what’s in a horse’s head, limiting performance factors are lactic acid metabolism and innate control of soft tissue micro-inflammation. Optimum nutrition can be a fantastic help with this, providing you feed your horses the right nutrients. After the race there is recovery time which length depends on how well nutrients promote tissue repair and cooling tissue down. Between its unique spectrum of nutrients, its proven superiority compared to other aloe products, its generous dosage, its sensible contribution to equine health, many Trainers quietly added Aloeride to their game…

We believe that the above is a matter of public interest and constitutes fair comment without malice. We believe that empowering people to make an informed choice is good. All measurements within our website are factual and are quoted verbatim from the reports we receive from accredited, independent laboratories and we retain such supporting evidence to justify that the statistics are representative of the characteristics of the products relevant for a proper comparison. Outcomes are masked because of comparative advertising, product disparagement and trademark constraints.

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Victoria Bax Eventing January Blog

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Here is Victoria Bax Eventing Racehorse Retraining October blog post. Those of you who own ex-racehorses may well know of her retraining of racehorses clinics in Essex. Victoria is one of Aloeride’s sponsored riders.

Alberta's Elegance, Victoria Bax feeds Aloeride to RoR horsesOctober saw the last 3 events of my season but the first 3 for Alberta’s Elegance who has had a very quiet year due to one thing and the other. Her first event was Little Downham up in Cambridge so just a mere 180 mile round trip this time! She produced a nice dressage test for 34, then a fair show jump round for her, this time feeling good to start with but then she lost confidence 3 from the end turning away from the collecting ring, causing a stop and then sadly 3 poles down. After a good effort napping at the start, as the start box runs alongside the collecting ring, we actually produced the best cross-country round to date. She felt much more confident and all questions were answered positively and there were some question being that it was a Regional Final course! Somehow, we managed to finally complete our first clear 90 cross-country course so I was over the moon. She still has an awful long way to go but small steps are good for me!

Zippie at Littleton Manor in ReigateThe following week saw us travel down to Littleton Manor in Reigate so a little closer for us. This time I had a new horse to run on behalf of a client of mine who bought a super schoolmaster earlier in the year to show her the ropes in British Eventing and give her some confidence. Unfortunately her first event didn’t quite go to plan as Zippie got rather excited by knowing what was coming next and she didn’t make it through the showjumping so she asked if I would take him to an event so she could see him run. I happily agreed as he really is a class horse! Although I flat school him once a week for her and I’ve show jumped him twice, I hadn’t taken him cross-country, but felt confident as he sure knows his job. Zippie warmed up beautifully for the dressage and performed a gorgeous test so I was a little disappointed to only score 32. We then jumped a nice show jump round sadly just breathing on a rail causing it to fall, but then jumped the most beautiful clear cross-country I think I have ever ridden. He sure is a machine on the cross-country and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! We managed to finish 13th which his owner was over the moon with.

Next up was Alberta’s Elegance, who performed a safe test in the dressage but sadly the judge didn’t agree and scored us very high leaving us towards the end of the section which I was very disappointed with. We then moved onto warm up for the showjumping which is a little awkward at this event as they only allow 5 riders in the warm up at a time due to the size of the arena, so this caused a few problems for some horses, including me! I did the best I could but was clearly not good enough as we managed our worst show jump round to date with 2 stops and a number of poles. The arena was on a surface with banners surrounding and a huge crowd of spectators watching on the surrounding bank, all of which proved a little too much for Alberta’s Elegance to cope with. The decision was made following that to withdraw and save her for another day.

Alberta's Elegance three day eventing at Tweseldown with AloerideThe following and final event of the year was an unaffiliated event at Tweseldown, so quite a trek for us but very worthwhile. Alberta’s Elegance produced a nice test for 31, followed by her best showjumping round to date with no stops but 2 rails down. The cross-country caused us a little problem though, having stormed out of the start box, we were cruising up until both water complexes which were quite spooky, both with fences to jump before and after the water itself. We stopped at both fences in front of the waters so at least we were consistent! We circled round and jumped them both the second time and completed the course. Although obviously disappointed with the stops, I was very pleased with how she dealt with the rest of the course as here were many many fences which were either brightly coloured or very spooky which she really could have stopped at but didn’t.

So plenty to like during the events she has completed this season but still much to work on over the winter too. One last trip onto a cross-country course followed the following week with Alberta’s Pride aka Frankie who has been off games for a little while due to a couple of injuries he has picked up which ended his season a little earlier than I would have liked, but that’s horses! As he has already enjoyed a few weeks off, he has been back in work and is fully fit again so I thought I’d take the opportunity while the weather is still dry to remind him of the cross-country phase before winter. Well, we had no problems there at all. He remembered everything he had already learnt and more including jumping some decent 3 and 4 fence combinations and jumping into and out of water. He is definitely one for next year, I am so excited! So with most of my horses on holiday I have started up my winter training clinics for others which are proving extremely popular and have been selling out within the hour as soon as they are advertised, which I am very grateful to everyone for supporting!

I will have a little time out myself now but will come back stronger next season after a winter of more training.
I can’t wait!

Until next time…
Victoria Bax (Victoria Bax Eventing Racehorse Retraining)

Header image courtesy of Victoria’s very talented husband Jason Bax.

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Colic concerns consider Aloeride
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Perhaps one of a horse owner’s biggest concerns at this time of year is avoiding colic. So, here are our 8 top colic concerns tips for yummy tummies:

  • Remember to have your horse regularly wormed and his teeth attended too as these can be factors.
  • A diet high in fibre is important for your horse’s gut, especially when during the winter months, when turnout is limited. Using a Trickle Net also helps encourage feeding at the natural grazing rhythm and with their small bale net you can use during turnout too.
  • This time of year grass is pretty sparse and if coupled with sandy soil can cause problems so hay your fields to supplement.
  • If we get a sudden patch of mild weather, then watch out for lush spring grass. These days our weather patterns can take us all by surprise!
  • Don’t make sudden changes to food and if you are anticipating a bad weather spell or reduced exercise, then start to reduce feed ahead.
  • Make sure that your horse’s diet includes salt. Your horse needs at least 10 grams of sodium per day, which is found in two level tablespoons of salt. More in hot weather. Sodium encourages your horse’s intake of water, which in turn is important to avoid impaction colic.
  • Ensure that your horse has access to fresh, clean water at all times.
  • Finally, Aloeride can help support your horse’s healthy digestive system by improving digestive comfort, improving health-beneficial gut flora, and provide an aloe nutrient quantity that supports natural repair of the gut wall. To bag yourself a 5% discount on a Trickle Net simply input the code ‘ALOE5’ when placing your order on their website.

N.B: This advice is general and we would always recommend that you seek your own vet’s advice concerning your horses’ wellbeing and management.