Happy New Year & A Busy Christmas For Victoria!

Our fabulous brand ambassador eventer Victoria Bax brings us up to speed on her Christmas break…

Firstly ‘Happy New Year’ to you all!

I can’t actually believe December has been and gone and we are now full steam ahead towards the 2017 season.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday period and spent some good times eating and drinking with your families. I was very lucky to receive a super gift of one of my favourite photos taken by my very talented husband, of my top horse Crystal Ka and I tackling the advanced course at Little Downham last year. He had it enlarged and put on a canvas and it now has prime position on my living room wall. I hope everyone received some super gifts too.

I have had an extremely busy time throughout December teaching and coaching at my clinics and especially over the Christmas period where I have had 3 extra horses in for schooling for a number of weeks while their owners continue to enjoy their holidays.

This coupled with the bank holidays and my groom having some sick days leaving me mucking out the entire yard of 7 on my own for nearly a week and trying to prioritise working the 3 schooling liveries and keeping my other commitments, so my team of horses have been on the back burner for a couple of weeks. There simply isn’t enough hours in the day or energy left in my body to work them all too!

All the working liveries have made some good progress during their time with me and I am confident their owners will feel the difference which has been made. I won’t deny I am looking forward to them all going home next weekend so normality can return and I can have a quiet week just working my team to get us back on track and finally start to plan my year ahead.

Until next time…

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