Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever

Common reasons why horses are given box rest are lameness, laminitis, recovery from surgery, tying up, colic and viruses. The obvious is that your horse is on box rest because something needs to HEAL. Equally obvious should be that you can use nutrition (safe from the inside out) to fuel and accellerate that healing process. That is why some horse owners decide that Aloeride is a good strategic move! Most horses do not like box rest so, as to boxing clever,… here are our 7 tips for a happy horse on box rest:

Keep It Quiet Or Busy

Some horses are happier with the hustle and bustle of a busy yard, but others might find it incredibly stressful. If you have the option to move stables (even temporarily at your yard), pick a stable to suit your horse’s confinement needs.

Review Your Horse’s Diet

Reviewing your horse’s diet during box rest is essential for gut health and managing weight. Make changes to your horse’s diet slowly and cut down on carbs and calories. Whether you feed hay or haylage, provide plenty of fibre to assist healthy gut movement. Review your horses’ supplements. Do you slowly reduce and eliminate anything from their diet if your horse is due to be off work for some time? Choosing a broad spectrum supplement like Aloeride can support a healthy digestive system during this time and beyond when your horse returns to the field. Make use of the introductory offer for 1, 2, 3 or 4 month’s worth (all get 25% off) click the orange button in the slider below!

Radio Silence

Depending on your horse’s temperament, most horses enjoy having a radio on at the yard on low volume. Classical or talk radio can have a calming influence on your horse and companionship. We wrote about this back in 2018, check the benefits in Give Your Horse A Tune.


Spend time with your horse. If allowed out of their stable and they are sensible, consider tying them up on the yard. Giving them a groom with a different view and a haynet can break up the monotony of full-time box rest.

Hand Graze

If your vet gives you the go-ahead for some in-hand grazing sessions, then try to incorporate regularly in your horse’s weekly schedule. Always play safe and wear a protective helmet and gloves and watch your horse at all times.

Two’s Company

If you can introduce some animal company into the yard during the day, it might help ease anxiety. Having a miniature, goat or sheep wandering around an otherwise empty yard can help during the day when your horses’ stablemates are turned out.

Boredom Busters

There are many stable toys on the market and plenty of choices. Keep an eye on your horse when introducing new toys or treat dispensers and keep an eye on sugar content. Installing a stable mirror can also help some horses.

*Always discuss your horse’s rehabilitation plans with your vet, including your stable management, before making changes. This advice does not replace that of your veterinary professional.

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