Competition Checklist

Competition Checklist

Planning a big outing, or perhaps you’re travelling your horse further afield this season. We’ve put together an essential competition checklist that you won’t want to leave the yard without checking!


Keeping up to date on your horse’s vaccinations is crucial. Pre-booking your horse’s vaccinations will ensure that they are not forgotten as the competition season heats up. A health MOT by your Vet at the same time is also a great idea if you are planning to up your horses’ training or move them up a level in your chosen discipline.

Farrier Fails

Keeping on top of your farrier appointments is essential any time of the year but even more so when planning your competition schedule. Loose shoes, raised clefts and foot imbalance are not going to be the best way to step out this season, so plan ahead and work with your farrier to keep your horse’s hoof health in tip-top condition!

Saddle Check

The likelihood is that if you are planning to compete, a saddle check will be your competition checklist. Just as dropping down your horse’s work can dramatically change the fit of your saddle, so can using your horses’ work. Checking over your saddle for any wear and tear, such as fraying stitching or weakened stirrup leathers and girth straps, could be the difference between saddle safety and having an accident.

Diet Review

Too little feed and you lose that sparkle, too much, and you risk fireworks! Whether you compete in Dressage, Eventing, Showing, Endurance or Showjumping, reviewing your horse’s diet seasonally and monitoring how your horse feels and performs is crucial to health and behaviour both at home and away. Factors such as temperature, feed, exercise and grass nutrients can impact your horse. Competition horses thrive on Aloeride. Given as part of their routine, professional riders and serious amateurs know that Aloeride is crucial to feeding your competition horse.

Does The Kit Fit?

Is your riding kit fit for purpose? If it’s been a while since you wore your competition outfit, it’s worth trying it on to ensure that it still fits you. If your outfit still fits but could do with a few repairs, you’ll have time to fix and if not, shop around for a replacement. If your hat is getting old, think about replacing it with a newer, more up to date helmet. You can replace a hat, but not your head, so investing in a new helmet will give you peace of mind and ensure your hat is up to the safety standards of the discipline or event you choose to compete within.

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