Olympic Three-Day Eventer Samantha Albert loves Aloeride

Olympic Three-Day Eventer Samantha Albert loves Aloeride

This morning I had the pleasure of delivering Aloeride Equine to a yard in Berkshire. Olympic Three-Day Eventer Samantha Albert loves Aloeride and feeds it to her horses and recommends her students to do the same. Prior to moving to the UK, Sam lived in Jamaica and, in her own words, “we slap aloe vera on everything”. So the use and benefits of aloe vera for horses never had to be explained to Sam. Nor that feeding a horse palatable aloe vera by mouth works much better than applying it externally.

Every Olympian is focussed on the best that is possible… Since mid 2018, after Sam found out about Aloeride, we have supplied her training yard and those of her clients. This morning Sam mentioned a very fussy eater that wouldn’t even eat electrolyte supplements. Yet this horse is happy to eat Aloeride without any fuss at all. When it comes to feeding electrolytes, Aloeride has the huge advantage that, because it’s a 100% natural organic composition, everything is in-ratio. Not just Zinc:Copper ratio or Magnesium:Manganese ratio but everything in-ratio precisely as Nature sees fit to design it. Same goes for the amino acids. Same goes for the beta-linked polysaccharides unique to aloe vera barbadensis miller. With its very broad nutrition spectrum, Aloeride ticks many horse-issues boxes all at the same time.

Samantha Albert medal description

Sam’s medal descriptions are from the FEI; what a very accomplished lady she is. Her training yard is a collection of stables that have been continually expanding, with multiple paddocks, an indoor arena, lanes for hacking and just a few minutes drive away is the main road that takes you to the A34 and then the M4 which practically unlocks the whole of England. Like many other top equestrian competitors, Olympic Three-Day Eventer Samantha Albert loves Aloeride.

Samantha Albert Culture Couture

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