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As we look ahead to a change of season, we share our top 6 reasons to love autumn and enjoy the season ahead with your horse. 6 Reasons To Look Forward To Autumn with Aloeride + September’s £13.80 discount/carton Autumn Offer.

1. Say Goodbye To Flies

As the cooler weather arrives, we say goodbye to flies and biting insects. Enjoying a hack, while taking in the glorious vibrant autumnal colours of nature, without being bothered by flies has to be our number one reason! Your horse can also enjoy fly-free field time too.

2. Ground With Some Give

Summer sunshine is lovely, but the lack of rain results in deep arenas and rock-hard ground. Hard ground is not only awful for horses’ ligaments, muscles, joints and bones, but the rutted terrain is an added danger. Deep arena surfaces are also a tendon and soft tissue damage risk to your horse’s legs. We welcome just a little more rain so we can ride with more confidence!

3. Cool Rider

Riding in cooler temperatures has its advantages. Not only will you and your horse be more comfortable and feel more energised, but you still have more choice in the time of day to ride. No more having to ride so early in the day to beat the high summer temperatures and it’s still light enough to ride early evening until the clocks go back on Sunday 27th October.

4. Plan Your Winter Training

Now that most of the Championship shows are coming to a close, it’s time to plan your winter training schedule. Autumn is a great time to take a look at any winter clinics and competitions or to make a training plan with short term goals. You might want to move up another level come the spring or approach next year with increased confidence.

5. A New Haircut

No, not yours. We mean a new haircut for your horse. Clipping might be a pain but doesn’t your horse look great with a sharp new haircut! Clipping your horse will not only smarten up his appearance, but his short coat will be easier to keep clean and mud removal. If you both get caught in a shower, he will also dry quicker (although the same can’t be said for your wet breeches and tack!).

6. Better Nutrition

To celebrate autumn, we offer you £13.80 discount on a single carton of Aloeride: 12 litres of premium aloe vera optimised to 30 sachets (30 servings). Aloeride offers optimum nutritional support to assist healthy digestion, coat and skin – just what your horse needs to help keep him looking and feeling great during the winter months ahead. Send us the form with your details so we can email you September’s coupon code. Secure your fabulous discount, limited availability (72 cartons are available for this offer – first come first serve), offer lasts until the end of September 2020.

My Aloeride

Our Team comprises of life-long horse owners with a passion for horse welfare, health and well-being. We take Aloeride ourselves, feed our horses and dogs Aloeride and love to share the virtues of our fantastic, British, organic aloe vera supplement.

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