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Three Compelling Reasons Why Aloeride Is The Best Aloe Vera Supplement

Aloeride aloe vera for Horses leafletWith thousands of happy horse owners and horses feeding Aloeride worldwide, we explain what puts Aloeride ahead of other aloe vera equine supplements on the market. Below we list three compelling reasons why Aloeride is the best Aloe Vera supplement, but there are more reasons why it grew so popular.

Taste Free

Horses (even fussy eaters) and their owners love Aloeride because it is taste-free and easy to feed. One small sachet of our full spectrum aloe vera supplement contains all the goodness of aloe vera barbadensis miller without the awful taste. Sprinkle onto their food with ease! If your horse lives on hay, grass and fresh air, the beauty of Aloeride is that you can also mix with a little water and syringe into your horse’s mouth.

More Aloe Vera For Your Pound

Thirty days worth of Aloeride equates to 12 litres of aloe vera juice! That’s a LOT of aloe vera goodness in just one month’s supply. Our equine aloe vera supplement is loved by eventers, showjumpers, dressage riders, show riders and producers and the racing and endurance fraternity. Feeding your horse Aloeride works out at less than the price of a takeaway cup of coffee a day, and the benefits of feeding Aloeride are extensive. Independent laboratories confirm that Aloeride has up to 23.4 times greater nutritional density than other aloe vera products, yet Aloeride costs up to 4.7 times LESS than other aloe vera products! That’s to our £55.20 compared to £110.95, £151.20 and £269.44 for other brands… And that’s before we give you the irresistible discount!

Soil Association Certified Organic

Soil Association Certified Organic Aloeride aloe veraAloeride is Soil Association Certified Organic. Aloeride is from optimally-grown whole leaf aloe vera barbadensis miller juice. Our aloe vera juice is manufactured into palatable aloe vera powder and then sealed in airtight, easy-to-feed daily sachets. Organic farming is a modern approach embracing ecological principles and working with natural systems to produce sustainable commodities. Aloeride wholeheartedly supports this. Defined by international law, organic farms are inspected every year to ensure they comply with organic standards. Aloeride complies with that list of principles and rules known as ‘organic standards’. Aloeride upholds these exacting standards to deliver the finest aloe vera while protecting human and animal health and safeguarding the environment.

Competition Compatible

Aloeride contains pure organic aloe vera which is harvested and processed manually and doesn’t have such contaminants. However, for the large percentage of our customers who actively compete for their horses, part of our Quality Control involves having every batch tested by the accredited Newmarket laboratory LGC for further peace of mind. Beyond aloe vera plant nutrients, Aloeride does not contain any such pharmaceutical or non-inert synthetic compounds.

The hawk-eyed reader who noticed that the above lists four compelling reasons instead of the title mentioning three, may contact us, so we can give you a £5.00 coupon code for your equine Aloeride 😉

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