Colic concerns consider Aloeride


Perhaps one of a horse owner’s biggest concerns at this time of year is avoiding colic. So, here are our 8 top colic concerns tips for yummy tummies:

  • Remember to have your horse regularly wormed and his teeth attended too as these can be factors.
  • A diet high in fibre is important for your horse’s gut, especially when during the winter months, when turnout is limited. Using a Trickle Net also helps encourage feeding at the natural grazing rhythm and with their small bale net you can use during turnout too.
  • This time of year grass is pretty sparse and if coupled with sandy soil can cause problems so hay your fields to supplement.
  • If we get a sudden patch of mild weather, then watch out for lush spring grass. These days our weather patterns can take us all by surprise!
  • Don’t make sudden changes to food and if you are anticipating a bad weather spell or reduced exercise, then start to reduce feed ahead.
  • Make sure that your horse’s diet includes salt. Your horse needs at least 10 grams of sodium per day, which is found in two level tablespoons of salt. More in hot weather. Sodium encourages your horse’s intake of water, which in turn is important to avoid impaction colic.
  • Ensure that your horse has access to fresh, clean water at all times.
  • Finally, Aloeride can help support your horse’s healthy digestive system by improving digestive comfort, improving health-beneficial gut flora, and provide an aloe nutrient quantity that supports natural repair of the gut wall.

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N.B: This advice is general and we would always recommend that you seek your own vet’s advice concerning your horses’ wellbeing and management.

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