Why Aloeride Is The Best Valentine's Gift You Can Buy Your Horse
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Why Aloeride Is The Best Valentine’s Gift You Can Buy Your Horse

Aloeride Valentine's Day offer
Click this Aloeride Valentine’s Day offer

In this blog, we share 7 reasons why Aloeride is the best Valentine’s gift you can buy your horse. With £18.40 discount on every carton, you probably want to give your horse lots of nutritional love.

  1. We use the best aloe vera in our 100% natural supplement and just one month’s supply contains a massive 12 litres of aloe vera juice. That 100% of our aloe vera goodness for a Valentine’s gift that just keeps giving!
  2. Aloeride supports healthy hooves, digestion, skin and coat, so you aren’t just targeting one area, you’re feeding for all-round wellness.
  3. It doesn’t impact on feeding your medication or other supplements but actually assists the digestion of food and nutrients through the gut wall. Happy tummy, happy horse.
  4. Aloeride is a unique feed supplement that bridges the gap between grazing, feed, and the nutrients horses need to thrive, all in one easy to feed, a taste-free sachet of aloe vera goodness!
  5. Aloeride is Soil Association Certified Organic. Our aloe vera is grown under optimal conditions, is processed in multiple stages to the ultimate extraction, is served without additives in meaningful quantities, and we make this proven best in whole leaf aloe vera barbadensis miller as affordable as we can possibly make it.
  6. Alongside our multi-carton deals, you’ll save money if you already feed a supplement for digestion, hooves, skin or coat, because Aloeride targets these with optimum aloe vera goodness! For less than a cup of coffee a day you can give your beloved equine the ultimate Valentine’s gift of vitality all year round!
  7. Upto and including Valentine’s Day (February 14th) coupon MYVALENTINE2024 gives you 1/3rd off the single carton, that is £18.40 saving on every carton. Click here to make your coupon work for you automatically! (or click the carton image). This coupon will only work once for you, basket quantity can be 1, 2, or 3 (default setting that can be changed), the coupon expires at 23:59 on Valentine’s Day.

That’s why Aloeride is the best Valentine’s gift you can buy your horse! If you want to find out more about Aloeride aloe vera then click HERE and we’ll talk you through it. You can also give us a ring on 01858 464550 if you have specific questions or if ordering by phone is preferred.

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